Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May the Best Be Yet to Come......

It is the official start of summer! Well, yesterday was anyway. I have spent many summers of my life in this house, but this summer is different. This summer I am no longer living in a house, I am living in a home. Mine and David's home.....and it truly makes all the difference in the world in how I look at this house, how I feel about this house and the time and effort I am putting into this house. I had no idea, especially since before this all happened I had always thought I considered this our home and that I took care of it as such. But now.....knowing that it is ours......well home truly has a new meaning for me.... and the way I view it and treat it are so so different.

I feel that there are many new things on the horizon in my life. I know these last few months have changed me drastically and I hope that it is for the good. The whole "if you can't be helpful then just be harmless" mantra keeps passing through my brain daily. All of my adult life I have been a person of action, but I am learning that sometimes action isn't always good. Sometimes my action or better yet...reaction to a situation, can be debilitating and enabling for others, thus causing the exact opposite affect I had hoped for with the action. I now truly understand the whole aspect of being "harmless". Sometimes the best way to help is to stand back, become very small and allow others to figure out their own lives, troubles and situations.

I never realized before now, just how egocentric it is to think that as an individual I can fix everyone else's problems thus depriving them of the life lessons they may need in order to become the people they are supposed to be. Again....a very humbling realization among a thousand other humbling realizations that I have been faced with of late. Granted, there are situations where in order to help someone you do have to go in, guns blazing and push until the situation either resolves itself or until it pushes back inciting a possible war. In many cases though, in fact in most cases, a much gentler approach of listening and letting others figure things out for themselves knowing that they are supported but still making the decisions and dealing with the ultimate consequences on their own is the best route. See....I am learning!

One of the things that I have had little time for over the last year or so has been what I truly love and that is....writing. I used to eat, sleep and breathe blogging and writing, but life has pushed it to the back burner and left me with little or no time and thus little or no outlet for my life. Well, I have decided to take back my life in several different ways and the first of those is to start blogging/writing again. In fact I have started with a writing challenge for myself. I plan on trying to spend the next 30 days blogging every day. I have no idea how this will work out but I do know that my writing skills need some therapy and exercise and what better way than 30 consecutive days of blogging?

I have learned that I have many new blog readers since February and so I hope that even though I am no longer fighting to save David's home, that you all will still come along for the blog ride and continue reading, commenting and sharing my blogs. Perhaps I can say the right thing at the right time to help someone or maybe entertain you a bit or maybe even give you a different perspective on something. Whatever the case, I hope you all hang in there in these next 30 days and tell me what you think.

So yeah, the lessons keep on coming which makes me very grateful for these last few months. I wouldn't be the me I am right now if not for all those good and bad moments that have made up 2018 so far.... and we are just now only half way through the year. May the best be yet to come.........

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