Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not Goodbye......Just.......See Ya Later

Well...if you are tuning in to read about dating life in Lisaland...sorry. Today there are no updates. Partially because I have done nothing to have updated and partially because life is back throwing curve balls again. It appears that I am going to have to pull my fragmented brain together and focus on some immediate issues that need every thought process I have available. This means things that usually work better in fragments may temporarily fall by the wayside. Blogging happens to be one of those things.

Right now....life is requiring my full attention and as much as I would really like to run and hide....I have to meet it head on. This means I am going to have to use all of my mental and physical resources and there will be little time left for much else. Of course....we all know that blogging has become my therapy, so who knows...you maybe hearing from me sooner than later....just so I can vent, but the topic days will be on hiatus for awhile.

I am a bit sad about this as I set a goal for myself of daily blogging and I have done a pretty darn good job up til now. Please know that I am not going anywhere....I will definitely be back. I just need a little real world adjustment in Lisaland. Wow....this last week of my 48th year is looking to be a doozie. Please all who read...if you would....keep me and my little world in your thoughts and prayers and keep an eye out....because I will return.

This is not goodbye...only....see ya later.


Anonymous said...

Hope I didn't chase you off. You were starting to grow on me a bit. Whatever will I read now? Please do hurry on back. I hope this really is "see you later."

littlemdl said...

Best Anon post I have seen yet! You do have a heart! Lisa, I can only imagine what you must be going through but keep us posted. Luckily, I get to keep up with you in other manners! You all are in my thoughts and prayers!

Marni said...

Anon!!! You do care after all!! See you're not that hard A#@ that we thought you were. ;0)

Hey girl, will be sending good thoughts for you and your family. Sometimes the real world pushes so hard into our life that we have to actually stop and take care of it. K ow that we are all praying for you!!

J'nelle said...

No! I absolutely forbid you to stop blogging! lol Actually I hope all is okay and understand priorities. I will anxiously await the day your return. Your blogs are too good to miss.

Anonymous said...

What will I read now?