Saturday, October 22, 2011

Before I Turn 50

So I was thinking. Today it has officially been one week since I turned 49 years old and I only have 51 more weeks until I hit the magic 50 years old. That is just 51 weeks I will be half a century old. WOW! For a lot of years it seemed that life was moving right along and I was moving with it. I was married, having kids, working and loving life. Then.... the bottom fell out and everything seems that a good portion of the last decade has been spent in a mechanically functioning but not really achieving or accomplishing mode. I guess that is why turning 50 is so much on my mind......even when I just turned 49. It dawned on my today that there is much I want to do and accomplish before I hit that new mile stone in my life and much I have let fall to the way side in the last decade that I would like to catch up. Thus came the idea for today's blog. What I Want to do Before I Turn 50!

Before I turn 50........

I want to lose at least 25 lbs.
I want to complete just one unfinished project
I want to have my house completely clean from top to bottom and everything in between all at the same time
I want to truly forgive someone who up till now I couldn't
I want to tuck the past away and only see the here and now
I want to learn to pray
I want to dance
I want to smile at least once every day
I want to kiss someone special and feel 16 again
I want to walk in the rain
I want to travel some place wonderful and new
I want my kids to have no doubts how special they are to me or how much I love them
I want to spend time with friends and appreciate what each one brings to my life
I want to laugh until I cry because I don't do nearly enough of that
I want to take some classes
I want to teach a class
I want to touch someone with my writing
I want to make a difference and leave my forties knowing that I didn't just merely exist...but that I actually lived!

Yeah...I know....a pretty lofty "want" list for just 51 short weeks. Doable? Who knows but the longest journey starts with just one tiny step and my tiny step is this blog. While I will always be a work in is about learning and accomplishing and I intend to do some of both. Even though have no unrealistic ideas that 49 will be a cake walk.....I have a pretty good feeling that it just might be a great ending to a not so great decade and a wonderful beginning to a brand new one. I guess only time will tell but  right now....I would put money on me taking a pretty good bite out of that list!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize your age. From the way you blog I thought you were much younger. I figured you for your 30's although a wise 30's. lol Well if you are 49 you definitely carry it off well in your blog. I have no question that you will achieve all your "wants" and more in the next year. Just don't forget to blog about it all.


Anonymous said...


You have lived more than most.

Can you do your list? Yes. Easily if you dare to.

My 48th year was my worst. My 49th year has taught me what life is all about and how good it can be.

Realistically, 50 is just another number. But I'm looking forward to what it will bring.

I have a feeling it will be even more special for you and your family.

God Bless,

Steve J.

pglm said...

in January I will hit the year 49...I think your list is fabulous and I look forward to watching you check them've made me realize I can start my own list right away...............Happy 49...getting fabulous for fifty....