Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rain and Tears

Today the rain is fitting, for I feel like crying. There is a sadness in me. Not sure where it came from...or why it is here. Maybe I just need a good cry. Tears welling up in my eyes but not going anywhere....don't count. Perhaps I just need to cry until I can't anymore and then I will feel better....although I have no idea what I would cry over. Things are basically decent now.

Maybe I could cry over getting ready to turn another year older? No....I am really not sad about that. Living to see another birthday is a good thing. I am thinking though....that maybe part of my sadness. This weekend a friend of mine's husband lost his brother. It was an accident and he was still fairly young....58. And trust me, from my vantage point of life....58 is still young. I went to school with this friends husband and he and his entire family were wonderful. I know this is a crushing loss for them. I hate the suffering that loss brings about.

This was not the only loss this weekend. The town and my church lost a lovely lady. She was the mother of another guy from my class. She was the mom of 13 kids and a military wife. While I never got to know her on a personal basis....she was always wonderful to me. She knew my name and would always seek me out at church events or if she saw me out and ask me about my family and how I was doing. She was a little lady whose smile could light up a room. She was a tireless worker at church events and not a Sunday went by that she and her husband weren't at Mass. The thing I found so special about this lady and her husband was they way they seemed to cherish each other. Often times I would see them in church holding hands and he would look at her as if she was a young girl and he was falling in love. It was always awesome to watch such love and devotion after so many years. In recent years.....she began to fail and her mind began to go and yet he was ever her protector, always at her side and still looking at her as if she were the most beautiful girl in the world. When I heard today that she was gone....I couldn't help but think of him and the loss he must feel after 63 years. Yesterday....he lost the love of his life.....the most beautiful girl in the world....and yes....I shed a tear.

So the rain continues to fall and I can hear it gently hit the earth through my open windows. It is refreshing the earth and cleansing the atmosphere..........and making me want to cry. Maybe I will just give in, let loose and then.....move on. May Max Nichols and Margaret Armstrong rest in God's gentle presence and may their families be given the thoughts, prayers, love and strength to get through this tremendously sad time.

Here's hoping that your Sunday is not quite as melancholy as mine and that you have a peaceful and happy day. Happy Sunday everyone!

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