Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Blogging

If life has taught me nothing has taught me that the best way to find yourself is change. Getting in touch with my inner Type A control freak though, I had to first take a bit of inventory on what works in my life and what doesn't. At first glance, I was thinking....nothing works! Of course that is typical shoot from the hip Lisa BS! So I looked a little closer. One thing that makes me,, is my writing. Of all the things I have been passionate about in this life, my writing has always been somewhere in the top three and the best way I know to get in touch with who I am, is to go back and read about who I have been at any given time. Sometimes I go back and read what I have written years ago, months ago or even last week and I amaze myself both in good ways and bad ways.

Lets face it, I am no Hemmingway, Bronte or even Bombeck. Sometimes my sentences run on, my words super impose each other and my point is hidden somewhere in a bunch of words that fly out of my brain, into my fingers and onto my page and yet this is who I am in real life. Pretty much, whatever I put down on paper is who I am and if you have read my blogs, over time you realize that I am not very shy about expressing myself. In fact, someone asked me recently if there was anything I wouldn't or haven't shared in my blogs. The answer is yes! With all that is shared, you would be amazed at all that remains inside me. Some I simply do not care to share and some....I simply cannot. What I share though, I share openly and without shame. Granted....I may blog for the world to see, something that I would not sit one on one and tell someone, but it is nothing that I am afraid for others to know about me. Yes, I am pretty much an open book to a point and quite frankly, I find that a pretty safe way to live. It is fairly difficult for others to talk about you or malign you, if you have already told all your own secrets yourself. 

But as usual....I digress. My point....once again hidden I am sure, is the fact that writing/blogging is as much a part of me as breathing and when I am away from it for any real time, I am simply not me. Of late, I have felt myself being directed and my writing is a part of this. Something tells me that I need to incorporate my writing back into my life, not just occasionally, but daily whenever possible. It feels write. (Pun and misused word intended). So that is what I am doing. 

Looking back on my blogs, one thing that I really liked and readers seemed to like too was when I did daily themes. It gave me a place to stretch my thoughts and my writing and it gave people something different to read every day as well as seeing different sides of me. I also loved it when I would get up early and write. It was like exercising my brain first thing in the morning and going back later in the day and reading some of those blogs even surprised me as to what my brain would put forth at 5 a.m. So in order to move forward with my life, I think for the summer at least.....I am going to take a page from the past. Themes it is! 

Many of you know that this blog is not my only one and I intend to include my other two blogs in with the themes. You will be able to link to them from here on the days that I write on them. As usual, I have no real idea how all of this will turn out, but part of the fun is experimenting and the element of surprise. My themes will be as follows: 

Monday: To Like or Not to Like. This will be the ever popular (to me anyway) what I like and don't like. It may center on people, places or things and maybe all the above. 

Tuesday: David/Life with Special Needs. You will find this at David's blog which will be linked from here. This will be everything from updates on David's life to life in general with a special needs child. If you are just starting out in the world of special may be of help. 

Wednesday: Projects! Projects! Projects! Welcome to Lisaland and project central. This summer my house, yard and life are one great big project. This can be anything from my pool and backyard, to my individual rooms, to craft or cooking projects. You will get pictures and first hand accounts of how well or unwell each project goes. 

Thursday: Health and Wellness. You will find this on my health and wellness blog. can link from here. This blog is about my own health and wellness journey and it will have info on my progress as well as interesting facts and information I find along the way. 

Friday: A Little Diddy. It's story time. I will tell you stories about what is happening in Lisaland or perhaps I will regale you with a tale from the past. Again....people, places and events of all kinds may show up here.

Saturday: What in the World? This will be the day that I talk about what is going on in the world. My blogs will come from current events and news stories. This will be a no holes barred day. may even get political from time to time!

Sunday: Faithfully. This will be about faith, spirituality and religion as I see it! 

So there you have it. Themes! Who knows, just maybe....once again my blog might be your morning read. Feel free to chime in, comment and critique. My skin is thick, my humor is in tact and I am ready for some summer blogging! 


J'nelle said...

If only you could see me you would know that I am jumping up and down and clapping. I loved your theme blogs and I have missed them since you stopped doing them. I loved my morning coffee and reading your daily theme and take on the world. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

New to your blog but love the idea of themes. Can't wait to see what is coming.