Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Choose to Like

Thursday? Already? No....really. Why isn't it Friday yet? What a week. So To Like or Not To Like? There was so much about this week that I just really did not like. In fact, if I tried to type it all.....I am pretty sure I would end up with a massive case of carpal tunnel. Bottom line though....nothing horrific happened this week in Lisaland. So in actuality....I have much to be grateful for and I am. I decided then, instead of spouting off about what I have already blogged about daily, that I would choose to like. Maybe I need to focus on something that make me happy and the things that I am just down right grateful for. So enjoy your Thursday as you get to find out.....just what I like today!

I like Sonic Route 44 diet cherry vanilla sprites. The waitress the other day called it "sunshine in a cup," and really that is a pretty accurate description.

I like shoes....especially heels. I like them in all shapes and colors because shoes are just happy apparel.

I dearly love to listen to Z sing and watch him perform. I never knew I could feel such pride or be touched in such a way as to watch my son touch others with his talent.

I can't explain the pure joy I feel when I hear David laugh. Not just laugh, but one of those huge belly laughs that is so contagious that everyone else follows suit. To know where he came from and where he is is simply one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

I like roses. I actually LOVE roses. I am especially fond of yellow or orange roses. Give me a rose with a combination of both colors....and I am in heaven. The look and the smell just brighten a room.

I like thunderstorms. I like low rolling thunder with flashes of lightening and soft soothing rain. It always touches my soul and makes me smile.

I love spending time with my friends and laughing with them. I have many friends from many different chapters in my life. There is nothing better that spending time with them and just laughing until we cry. It doesn't matter whether it is playing cards, painting a room or going out and having fun. I just love laughing and love love love my friends.

I like ice cream in the winter and chili in the summer. Yeah....I am crazy. Have we not already established that? 

I like pigs. No....I LOVE pigs. I love everything from pig stationary to pig cooking utensils. I even like those huge pigs at the zoo (but only at a distance).

I like front porches and front porch swings.

I like rainbows and storm clouds.

I like planning events and working in the community.

I like to dance (even though no one wants to see it) and sing (even though no one wants to hear it.)

Most of all though.....I like to blog and I like/love/adore my readers.

I would say I am just one pretty lucky girl. And I would like it very much if you all.....had a wonderful Thursday!


Anonymous said...

While I commend your desire to not focus on the negative, I find your likes as frivolous as all your other posts. I picture you to be a bit of an airhead with your head in the clouds. Shoes and pigs. How old are you? Twelve? LOL

Marni said...

Oh complain when Cmom is being negative and then you complain when she is being positive. You my dear must have a very sorry life to not seem to find a balance in your judgements. Get a grip on life and just let it go....really LET IT GO!!! Youre one of those that need to critize everything and everyone in your life just to make yours look not so bad. I get that....and you know you have a point there....because as much as you judge Cmom and put her life down...your life must be SHIT!!! I GET THAT!! Trust keep being the way you are...and it aint gonna get any better!!!

Lisa....I love your blog full of likes and loves today. I get some of your likes because mine are simiular.....watching Shannon preform and Phillips full from the belly laugh is a favorite. You keep those positive thoughts my friend!!!!

LisaAnne said...

I like seeing how Anonymous will twist any post you publish.


Happy Thursday Anonymous!

Celeste said...

I LOVE how positive you are! You are a wonderful mother, friend, cousin and person! You take the rediculous things in life and put a positive spin on them. Thank you for the blog!!! Thank you for being the silly and crazy Lisa you are! Don't EVER change a thing! You are perfect the way you are!

Anonymous said...

I like women that aren't so rude as to get up and leave someone sitting at a restaurant. I like women who don't lead a guy on and act interested just to leave him embarrassed and holding the check on a first date. I like women who don't always put their kids first and give a man a chance. I like women who don't tell a guy he is fake when he is just trying to charm her. I like women who don't call a guy a jackass just because he makes a statement she doesn't like. Most of all though, I don't like you.


J'nelle said...

M, are you the jackass that told cmom she should put her son in an institution so she can have fun? You are lucky I wasn't there or you would be walking with a decided limp because you would not be able to put your legs together. You picked the wrong place to come and play! Take a hike you loser and thank God that some of cmom's fans don't live a heck of a lot closer.

Anonymous said...

Hey M, cmom has lots of friends/fans who live close by. Make no mistake that your ability to harass her stops at the above comment. Don't think we won't find you if you try anything further. You sunk your own ship now don't come causing trouble because you acted like a jerk and cmom saw right through you and refused to let a creep like you into her life. You hurt yourself now take a hike.

Ben said...

M, I suggest this be your last communication with this woman. I think she made her feelings about you very clear. Perhaps you should heed them and move along!


Anonymous said...


Get over it. Bother her again and I'll bother you.


Steve J.

Anonymous said...

Hey M....shut the F@$% up. You made your own bed by the way you acted and what you said. You have no one but yourself to blame. So...stop coming on here...or I will have to beat you with a dead cat!!! (YES I said that). Lisa has many friends...and let me tell are not worth her time!!!

Thiry said... old are you anon? That sounded extremely childish...and who is this anon m...person, not sure I'm understanding, everyone is acting like its the guy from the it and how do we know this? What did I miss?

Thiry said...

I had to go back and read everything,now I get it...and lets just say I know people and I'm not just saying that I really do...there are so many weird and off people in the world, you really have to be careful, you never know which one may really be a total crackpot....

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous just proved true my theory from the last blog. He is too bitter not to be. Love, Margarita