Sunday, September 25, 2011


A new week. I am very grateful. This last week was full of ups and downs to the point that I didn't know whether I was coming or going. Strange week to say the least. I decided to make some important changes and now I think I am good to go. One thing that kept going through my head this week was....things are so crappy....I must not be praying enough.

Once again Father was psychic or he had a little angel on his shoulder as his sermon hit me squarely today. I always am afraid I don't pray enough. And I am always afraid that when I am extra fervent about my prayers, it is usually when I am in need. My prayers are often a little lot self serving. It makes me feel like much more of a taker than a giver. Father started his sermon with the movie Citizen Kane. All through the movie/story the word Rosebud is mentioned and finally on Kane's death bed....his last words were Rosebud. While I won't spoil the story for anyone who hasn't seen or read it, the bottom line is Rosebud meant something to Kane. In fact it meant so much..... that it is what his last thoughts were about. So Father asked.....what will be our last thought and words be? 

I have heard of many and have known a few whose last thoughts and words were Jesus/Lord/God! That is who they were thinking of and hoped to soon be seeing. It was there final thought, final word and final prayer. Father went on to say that just the word Jesus in a respectful thought or tone was a prayer in itself, because to say it....we at some level are thinking of Him. It is where are our heart, our mind and our lips combine to utter His name with reverence. Of course there are those who choose to go another route and utter His name in anger with selected expletives  attached to His name, but said in reverence and with respect.....the word Jesus alone is a prayers.

So Father went on to say.....if we think we are too busy to pray, just a simple utterance of His name and we are praying. And he said we should get used to this simple prayer as it maybe all we have time to say in our last moments. The sermon was both educational (to me anyway) and thought provoking. Something so simple as one word, spoken from the heart can be just as effective and important as a whole litany of words simply recited without thought.....or a bunch of words asking for what we think we want....but have no real idea what we need. covers everything. I think I will be praying a whole lot more often now.

My email was full this morning of readers who felt as if I copped out yesterday by not actually writing a blog and resurrecting an old one. To those of you who felt apologies. However......even though I am a blogging maniac of sorts.....there are still those days that life seems to spin out of control and the time to do what I want as opposed to the time to do what I need....slips away. I didn't though leave you empty handed and I was told by two people that they didn't even know any blogs of mine existed before 2011. Surprise! If you would ever like to read my older stuff......just click on From Beginning to End and Back Again......... at the top of the page and it will open you up to all my previous blogs.

Well....tis time for me to get some important stuff done. I hope this finds you all happy and healthy and that today starts a wonderful new week for you all. Happy Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...


Beautiful blog today. It really brought some wonderful memories back about someone's last thoughts. And that is about my dad.

Not many months ago I held my father during his last hours. I was fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with my dad for what turned out to be his last battle.

His conversations with me always turned towards the good times. About mom, my little brother, my sister and of course the many embarrassing stories about me. Dad kept the nurses and doctors laughing as he suffered greatly.

Throughout dad's final weeks he was very open about his passion for his family, and most importantly, his love for our Father and Creator; God himself. Dad struggled with faith his entire life. But that's where his focus stayed until his last breath. It was the hardest and greatest moment of my life at the same time. I was witness to incredible courage and strength.

My dad and I had many disagreements through the years, but in the end all we had was love for one another. My dad left a legacy for me to fulfill. And that is to place the needs of my family and friends before my own.

As dad quietly faded he became the strongest man I've ever known. He died my hero. As dad's last breath left him I asked him to say hi to mom and my brother in Heaven and let them know I miss them. And then I gently kissed him and laid him down for the beginning of his eternal rest.

Lisa, I know your mom was that hero to you. And although I never got the chance to meet your husband, I can't help believe he was the same kind of strong and compassionate man.

God Bless you Lisa. I am lucky to call you friend,

Steve J.

Anonymous said...

Very nice.