Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Heart Blogging

So it is a true fall morning here in Lisaland. We are apparently out of summer now and my only hope is we actually have a fall and don't dive into a cold winter like we did with our "hot" summer. Anyway...since it is a beautiful cool morning, you may want to snuggle back with your cup of coffee and blankie and enjoy reading my To Like or Not to Like. Or like most of my my blog tab and then sneak peaks at it before the boss catches you. Yeah....that's how I roll too!

Okay, so again a Like. Today may look like gratuitous self-promotion....which it is, but it is also about what I love above all else (other than God and my kids). What might you ask would that be? Why BLOGGING of course! If you know me at all, and by now like it or not...most of you do, you know that I don't just like blogging....I LOVE blogging. There are not enough heart emoticons on the planet to express how much I love blogging. Since I decided at the beginning of the year to make a goal of consistency and stick with it....this is the only thing I have been able to stay consistent with. Maybe because I can take blogging anywhere, do it anytime ( boss loves the dedicated employee I am *snicker) and my mind is always thinking of new blogs..... is why it just fits so well into my life. Blogging is also probably the only reason I haven't become homicidal or pulled all my hair out this year. It is a wonderful way to self medicate and better yet....share those self-medicating issues with the world.

Something some of you may not  know is, this isn't my only blog. I actually have two more tucked away and gathering dust. Today I am pulling them out of the cobwebs, dusting them off and re-introducing them to the world. Neither of them are every day blogs and likely never will be. Both of them are less about "everyday" life and more about a specific subject. The first one I would like to introduce to you is: Life With the Incredible Mr. David. This blog is all about my youngest son who is special needs. As you can goes dormant for long periods of time because when I do write in is usually very emotional and difficult for me. I am usually inclined to blog there when health issues are rearing their ugly heads and I am feeling lost and alone in a world that I am still trying to find my way through. Now that this is back out and dusted off....perhaps I will start writing more about the world of special needs and my little guy who seems to break most stereo types and continues to raise the ceiling on his capabilities. I would be thrilled if you took the time to read this blog and even more thrilled if you decided to follow it. I promise to keep it better updated and you too can know the joy that is my David.

Okay...switching to the other end of the spectrum is my other blog. This has been jokingly referred to as my bitch blog, as that is what it seems like I always do. This blog TMI (Too Much Information About Weight Watchers, My Life and Me!) was a little blog I started when I decided to get serious (sort of) about my health. I learned quickly that unless I was accountable to someone....I would never make it. So I decided to be accountable to the blog world. This takes you on the journey of my weight loss, lack of weight loss, bad habits, learning good habits and saying good bye to old friends like Ranch dressing and Dt. Mt. Dew. (Side note....Dt. Mt. Dew and I are seeing each other again...but only casually!) This blog while touching on serious subjects is very tongue and cheek and is meant to share with people that are going through similar life changes and let them know that they are not alone and that there is humor in everything. Again....reading and following would make my day.....and I know you are ALL about making my day.  This is a blog that I REALLY need to get back to and hope to make a start on that immediately.

So here you have it. My likes for this week. Apparently what this boils down to is.....I LIKE me. I hope you do too. Have a beautiful fall Thursday. Happy Thursday everyone!


Anonymous said...

About the liking you, I think as a person you might be okay, but your blog, not so much!

Marni said...

Hey girl...I look forward to this blog and now the other blogs. I love reading how David is doing....and how you are doing with the weight loss. STOP witht he Diet Mt. Dew....YUCK!!!!!

And OMGosh Anonymous....I think you gave Cmom a compliment!!! Im stunned!!!!!

J'nelle said...

Love your other blogs. Had no idea you had other blogs. I especially like the one about your little guy. He is a cutey.