Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Crazy Life....Literally!

Let me preface any words you read here with the fact that I am exhausted. My eyes as well as my thoughts are a bit bleary, but I am actually too tired to I blog. To top it off....Wednesday's are my hard blogging days because I have to come up with something about "me!" Hmmmmm. 

Well today in fitting with the night I have had (another story for another day), let me tell you a little about the crazy that is my life. Perhaps I should start by saying that I come from crazy. Yeah....I know that every family has a little crazy in their lives, but mine is special crazy.....because after is mine. The crazy that I am talking about are incidents and episodes throughout my life that stand out as extraordinary, off track and yes.....and actually pretty strange.  Honestly there are quite a I will to do this in parts. is part one!

As I said....I come from crazy. My mother always had the weirdest things happen to her. When she was young she was very beautiful and a nurse to boot. She was also single and lived with some other nurses in a dorm type area that was basically singles apartments. One day her and her roommates came home to find the police swarming their complex. Apparently the girls who lived next door (three stewardesses) had all been murdered during the day while the rest of the complex was at work. Weird....yes! Stranger yet, two nights later mom was on her way to work to work the night shift. She stopped off for gas just as it was getting dark. Thank goodness for full service at the time as the attendant threw her door open and yanked her out just as some strange guy went darting out the back car door on the other side. The guy likely saved her life. Down right crazy though......was the next week mom and her roommates came home to find their bathroom painted blood red with paint left dripping all over the tub, toilet and sink. Who it was and how they got in was left a mystery but by weeks end,  their apartment was without tenants. So are you starting to see  the crazy which I speak of?

As a very young child, mom and I were home alone. I was barely walking so I don't remember the happenings of this day....I only remember the story. A man came to our apartment and told Mom he was selling magazines. He had no samples, no paper, no nothing. Mom said she wasn't interested and tried to shut the door. The man stuck his foot in the door and proceeded to try to shove his way in. At just that moment the mailman came around the corner (apparently a big burly guy). Seeing what was going on, he asked the guy his business and the guy said he was trying to sell Mom magazines. The mailman said that he knew that Mom already received plenty of he just needed to move along. The man did and the mailman waited until Mom locked up. For over an hour the "salesman" waited across the street just looking at our apartment and smoking cigarettes, until finally he left. That night Mom turned on the TV to watch the news and low and behold who was on it? Our salesman friend! He had murdered a woman a few blocks down in the middle of the afternoon and her husband had come home and caught him. Weird? Oh yeah!

Then we lived in a house in Wichita. The house was completely surrounded by cedar trees and at night could be fairly hidden from the street. One night after my mom and dad had split up, my mom was rocking my little brother in the living room. I was laying on the floor in front of her and all the lights were out. We had a huge widow that peered out to the side of the house. As I lay there watching my mom rock back and forth, suddenly the room was full of light. Someone was shining a huge flashlight in the window.  Within a minute or two the doorbell rang. Mom answered through the locked screen. There was a man dressed in dress pants and a collared shirt standing there. He said he was from the WPD and was just checking peoples windows to make sure they were locked. Mom slammed the door on him and called the WPD to see if they had plain clothesed police in the area. They did not. In fact they had no plain clothesed officers anywhere at the time. They sent an actual officer out to investigate. Upon investigation they found diamond rings, watches, and money in money clips in our cedar trees by the window. They belonged to people three blocks over who had been burglarized in the last week. Was the fake officer and the stolen goods connected?  We may never know. Weird? A little.

It was in that same house that as a child I was taking a bath in the hallway bathroom. It was only Mom and I and my baby brother there. As I sat there in the tub a black shadow went past the doorway. You could see the shadow on the wall. It stopped and remained motionless but was the definite outline of a person. At first I thought it was Mom, but then I heard her in the kitchen making supper. The shadow went slowly past the door. No person seemed attached to it and I felt really creeped out. Then within seconds it was back and stopped and remained motionless. I knew something was weird and I held my breath. Then the shadow seemed to move forward as if it was coming towards me. I let out a scream that I am sure the neighbors heard. At that moment......the shadow honestly turned to almost a dust and evaporated. Mom came running from the kitchen to find me screaming hysterically in the tub. I told her my story and I am not sure to this day she believed it, but I know what I saw....I just have no idea what I saw!

Creeped out yet? Then there was the time when we moved to New Mexico to live with my aunt. We had gone to a rodeo one evening and it began to storm, so we ended up leaving and coming home early. When we got home, we were welcomed by the front door standing part way open and muddy foot prints going throughout the house. Who? What? How? It is still all a mystery.

Then when we moved back, one night we were at home. We had gone out and came home to our backyard faucet running and water everywhere. Mom figured it was kids and we went in for the night. Then just a little after dark my brother who was about four came flying up the stairs yelling "Ghost....ghost!" Mom was trying to find out what was going on and he kept saying that there was a ghost in the window downstairs. About that time the doorbell rang. Two police officers were at the door saying that the neighbor had called the police saying that earlier they had seen someone on our front porch and that they had just seen someone going around our house. The police insisted on searching the house and searched every nook and cranny. They then questioned my brother about "the ghost." Apparently whoever it was, was outside the window and looking in, wearing a white shirt and smiling at my brother beckoning him to come to the window. Instead my brother ran.  Nothing was found but the old familiar creepies were with us all.

Then there was the day that I was held after school because I had not finished my math in the allotted time. Damn that always got me in trouble. So when I left to walk the block and a half to my house.....there was hardly a soul around. It was cold and dreary and winter so the days got dark early. As I was walking a car pulled up next to me with a man wearing a hat. That is all I remember, but he wanted me to get in the car. I immediately knew he was no one I was suppose to get in a car with and I began to run......screaming my lungs off. As I ran he tried to drive his car up onto the sidewalk so I darted into the street to the other side. He then swerved the car to that side as I darted back. Finally my house was within sight and I screamed loud enough my mom could hear. She came flying out the front door and saw the car chasing me. She ran out and grabbed me.....and he gunned his motor and drove off. We later learned that I was one of several kids this had happened to. Same man, same hat and same car. Strangely....he was never caught.

Shall I go on? Naw....not today. I will save the rest of the stories for another crazy day. Have you had a few crazy stories of your own? Have any you want to share? If so......that is what the comments are for. I look forward to hearing your stories too. So ends part one of my crazy life.  I bet this is a side of Lisaland that you didn't know existed. Ya skeered yet?

Here is hoping that you have a crazy good Wednesday. Happy Wednesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

I think this blog explains a lot. Just a hint. I wouldn't put any of this on your dating profiles or you will be even less likely to find a man. You are a strange woman cmom and even stranger that you tell stories of your life like these.

Ben said...

I love the unusual and this is definitely unusual. Great stories. I can't wait for part 2!

J'nelle said...

Wow! I have lived a very boring life. I have never had anything like this happen. I would never have guessed you had such an interesting life. Keep those stories coming.
Oh and Anonymous...STFU!

Anonymous said...

I have had strange in my life too. We used to live in what we later found out was a haunted house. You think you are going crazy sometimes with all the strange things that happen. Great stories. I really enjoyed reading them.

DaninDean said...

OMG!!!!!!!! Best blog ever!!!! I couldn't wait to show Dean this. He loved it too. I can't wait to see part 2. I really hope you follow up next Wed. More! More! More!

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm officially freaked out and its nowhere near Halloween.

But the creepiest remains to be your stalker, Anonymous.

Steve J.

Des said...

This was really kind of creepy. It got me to thinking about things that had happened in my own life that were extra ordinary. I think we all have them and I really love that you shared yours. Great blog. One of my favorites.

Marni said...

Well Im so glad that Im sitting here alone reading your blog today. NOT!! Creepy!!! But some great stories.

Only story I have is about the same as you "guy in the car" story. Followed me for a while and then stopped where I couldnt get by. Saw some very distirubing things and Tried to get me in the car but I finlly kicked and screamed and got away. I actually was able to give a pretty good description to the police. Sadly he was never caught.

I too look forward to more stories...

Margarite said...

Cool stories! anonymous is definitely softening!

Anonymous said...

My mom, Margarite, has turned me on to your blog... and i think i have it figured out... here is my theory: the elusive stranger from all of your stories is the same "man," kind of. The man from your childhood and his son are also the "Anonymous" posters on all of your blogs (the father) AND Mr. Almost-Perfect-Yet-A-Creeper Breakfast Date (his son) are working together to sabotage your confidence and self esteem bc you were able to escape their attempts to capture you throughout the years (thanks to your guardian angels and God). I think the next time he sends you imaginary flowers and cups of coffee, you should reciprocate the gesture...... with a very real restraining order. Love, Margarita