Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yesterday was a crazy day. Depending on your idea of accomplishment, I either did very little or quite a lot. By days really seemed like very little to me, but I did get some important stuff off my plate. My issue right now is....I am somewhat unmotivated. Blah I have taken on a couple of new projects along with this whole dating thing and I am working to prioritize and get a good working schedule. The good news is, the busier I am, the more I usually accomplish and the better I usually am. Let's hope this continues to  hold true.

So on the home front.....the boys and I are currently in the midst of a stay-cation. For those unfamiliar with the became a fashionable way to vacation when the bottom originally fell out of the economy. A stay-cation is usually a mini vacation in your own city or state. We are currently hitting some sites that we don't usually get to see or have never been to in Wichita. Yeah...over 40 years in the Wichita area and there are still a good many things I have not seen and done. Going to try and start changing that. It is all part of one of my new projects. It is a bit soggy today....but I don't see that stopping us at all. It is cool but not the least bit cold and both boys are raring to go. Oh...and I get to learn to work a GPS. This should make for good times had by all.

Since this day is full of busy-ness, I decided to bite the bullet and we all went to Mass at the same time this morning...... and by we-all...... that means I took David too. I have never taken him to the Villa for Mass before just because I didn't want him to be disruptive to those poor elderly people, but today, if we didn't all go together, we weren't all going to get to go. Since it is only a thirty minute Mass and thanks to a bag of Goldfish crackers, he actually did pretty well. This really  might be the way for us all to get to go to Mass as a family from here on in. I liked it.

This morning I didn't feel that Fathers sermon was so much directed at me personally as it was a general sermon to all. It was about "why me?" Usually I try not to say "why me?" I try to have a pretty clear understanding of the fact that no one gets through this life without pain, hurt and sadness but that they are all balanced out with joy, love and happiness. We all get our fair share of both and to dwell on the bad, makes you lose time with the good. I know that instead of "why me?" we are suppose to say "why not me?" But I am not quite that good yet, so I say nothing and move on.

Father talked a bit about St. Maximilian Kolbe. His death was a direct result of standing up and taking the place of someone who was scared and afraid when he was chosen for death. He began to cry out "why me?" and because of this, St. Kolbe offered to take the mans place. Because of the time and the place of this situation...and internment camp during World War II, it wasn't fair that any of these people were put to death. It wasn't fair that St. Kolbe had to stand up and give his life so that someone else might be saved, but then isn't always fair. Perhaps we should remember that it wasn't fair either....that Jesus had to suffer and die a horrible, torturous death so that we could be saved. Nor is it fair that even after making such a sacrifice there are those who still choose to blaspheme Him, disrespect Him and most of all deny Him. I guess what I am trying to say here is......get used to is not always fair in our eyes and God never promised us fair or easy in this life.....only in the next. Words I will try to remember the next time I have a bit of a pity-me moment.

This upcoming week looks to be fairly promising. There are some exciting things on the horizon and I am looking forward to both having fun and being productive in the days to come. Z is feeling much better after being started on meds. We finally got to the root of his issues. After being poked and prodded and drained of large amounts of blood, the verdict is that he does not have an auto-immune disease nor does he have hepatitis. He does however have some thyroid issues which we are going to an endocrinologist to get these under control and he has abdominal migraines. Until Z....I had never heard of such a thing. Migraines yes....but abdominal The scoop is.....they usually occur in kids who a) have a parent who has had migraines or b) who has been through a great amount of stress (i.e. family, bullying, etc.) Ding...ding...ding! Z is lucky enough to have both. I have suffered with migraines since I was very young and we all know that Z's life has been nothing but stress since he was 5 years old. Apparently head migraines start in the head and as they progress cause nausea and stomach pain. Abdominal migraines though start in the stomach with pain and nausea and then move to the head. The end result for both is severe headache, nausea.....sometimes vomiting and sometimes low grade fevers. They have put him on meds that he gradually has to increase over time until he has a therapeutic level in his system but after about three days he started feeling better. Also....they still have no clue why he tested positive for mono not once but twice, once at the ER and once in the doctors office but his Epstein Barr shows he never had mono at all. I guess he is just a medical mystery....but as long as he is feeling better, I am okay with that.

So today I am good. We are ready to complete our stay-cation, we have been to church and I have a new GPS to play with. I am looking forward to a great day. Hope yours is great too. Happy Sunday everyone!

And a side note....yesterday I was so busy with me, I forgot to mention that it was the birthday of a very special lady. Yesterday was Ruth Poteete's birthday and this was the first year she got to spend it in heaven. Ruth I thought of you often I do many days and I have no doubt that your day was truly blessed. Happy Birthday dear lady. You are greatly missed!


Anonymous said...

I find this blog kind of funny. I really like the whole staycation thing but as far as you not saying "why me", isn't that what your whole blog is all the time? One great big whine? As for your kid, does it surprise you that he has headaches? I am sure the kid is stressed. After all, I am thinking that might be a common occurance in "LisaLand".

Anonymous said...


I can't help but to pity you. Really. So I'm going to help you out.

First, this blog was about sacrifice and putting others before yourself. You have a grasp of neither.

So when you get a minute, check this webpage out and order a pair. Obviously you need them. Sadly, nature skipped you.

I'll also take a wild guess that $147.44 might be a little much for your resources. But I'd gladly chip in if you'd just shut up.

And please go with FedEx next day deliver. The sooner you get a pair the better.

Have a nice day,

Steve J.

Marni said...

I can add nothing more appropriate then Steve J did. I bow to him!!!

Lisa...I LOVE staycations!! We have had many in our household.