Saturday, September 17, 2011

Harshing Your Mellow

It's good old rant day. I am sure there are many rants boiling up inside of me, but today I feel a bit mellow. It is true fall outside. It is cool and rainy and ever so often you can hear that glorious rolling thunder. I honestly think that today I am too......dare I peace to get too bent out of shape over anything. Not too worry though, I still have a few unresolved issues that I will cover here.

Although I am not very rantish are the things that have and do piss me off on a regular basis. I am sure next week I will be back to my old gritchy self and be ready to elaborate on one or more of these. But until then.....just know that these are what reside in the mind of ME and keep me in need of hair color, aspirin and antacids. So here are my rants:

T-Mobile: Once you were so good, now you just make me want to throw the phone each time I talk to a representative. And don't even get me started on my bill.

T-Mobile phones: Granted, this looks like it should fall under the T-Mobile rant, but trust me.....the phone issues I have are a rant all to themselves. With my newest phone, no one can hear me when I answer my dang phone. A little frustrating if someone is calling me with an emergency! Grrrrrr

Dillons Grocery (part of the national Kroger chain): I love to get your salads at lunch. In fact...some days that is the best part of my day. Obviously others feel the same. So explain to me why at lunch time you only have one or two checkout lanes open to support both large quantity shoppers and the lunch time crowd? It would be nice to actually be able to buy my lunch and eat my hour allotted time.

Dating sites: Who monitors these things? Does anyone monitor these things? Those of faint heart or just easily intimidated or embarrassed would be running for the hills before they even were fully accepted on the site. Luckily I am none of the above.....but the sites still piss me off.

Men on dating sites: Again....this should fall under the dating sites umbrella....but again....this is an entity all it's own. Some of these guys are stupid scary. Judgmental? Not if it is true. Some of these guys go out of their way to put their worst foot forward. Others, refuse to put either foot forward, and others just tell the most transparent lies I have ever heard. While interacting with these guys is interesting (and by interesting I most cases scary), I think it is good practice for the real world, but I have my doubts that Mr. Right is hiding anywhere amongst the profiles I have come up against.

Lawn Mowers: Yes....I have three and not a one works. Now it has been implied to me that it could be user error, but I simply refuse to believe this. I blame it fully and solely on the fact that lawn mowers in all forms are evil and they have but one desire in this lifetime: to make me have to pay to have my lawn mowed. I hate lawn mowers.

Certain agencies who are suppose to be advocates for kids with special needs: I am sorry but unless you are willing to get off your ever widening back side and carry through on what you claim you can and will do, you are worthless. Also, giving false information just so you don't have to fill out paperwork is also unacceptable. However....being able to terminate your services and turn you into your superiors while you are on vacation......tremendously satisfying. 

People who lie and make false claims in order to get a product free from me: Without too much elaboration, I put out a product. I put out a good product which reflects me and I have only had one complaint on it. It has been from the same person over and over again.....and yet amazingly they still come back. Also amazingly the (apparently unsatisfactory) product is never returned to me and from what I understand is consumed right along with the free one I replace it with. Hmmmm, sound a little fishy to you? It does to me too. Am I being taken advantage of? Oh I think so, but no more. No free replacement unless proof of unsatisfactory product. This should stop the game playing! Again.....grrrrrrrrr

And finally.....reality TV: I know I have touched on this before.....but I have to say....REALLY? Granted, we could all turn off our TV's and walk away, but we won't and our kids are growing up on this stuff. In what reality should the likes of Snooki and the other crazies in the cast of Jersey Shore be stars? And not only are they stars, but kids emulate these people. Here in Kansas....YES Kansas.....I have seen overly fake tanned girls with the Snooki poof and foul mouth. I have seen little white Kansas boys again overly fake tanned trying to look like Guido juice heads from Jersey. WHY? If they are anything at all like their show depicts, there is not a full brain between this entire group of 20 somethings and their life is nothing more than being outrageous  and shocking the public to keep their name in lights. Is this really what we have come to as a country? When they talk about the dumbing down of America.....they just have to be talking Jersey Shore. there you have it. It is my non-rant Rant....where I actually ranted just a little about a lot. Hmmmmmm So here is hoping that you are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am and I certainly hope that I didn't harsh your mellow! Happy Saturday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Some days your blogs are just excruciatingly hard to read. Today is one of those days. "Harshing your mellow?" Really, and you talk about the dumbing down of America.

Cmom said...

Anonymous...whether you know it or not, I truly love you. Yes...yes...I do. Everyday I know that I can count on at least one blog reader and one comment. Good or bad, I know that somebody is reading. Thank you anonymous for all that you do! :)

Marni said...

Lisa I was thinking the very same thing....I can always count on coming to your blog and the first response is from your friend...Anonymous. She always responds about your blog in a way that I didnt get from reading it at all. SO really....she encouranges me to think. Yeah....thats think. Although it makes me THINK how absoultly stunted Anonymous is in her life.....and how judgemental one person can be. BUT they do make me think!!!!!!! Thats a positive thing....right?!

Old Hippie New Fan said...

I love it. As an old "hippie" myself, the term brings back some memories. What kind of memories I will let you ponder. Great blog. I am becoming a fan even though I am not normally a blog reader. You can thank my daughter and her constant prodding. I now read your blog unprodded. I have my favorite days and your rant day is always one of them.

Norm said...

Do you think the dating site rant could have been bundled with the Jersey Shores rant? Don't do either so I'm just guessing...

Anonymous said...

Rantastic. ****

Keep them coming,

Steve J.

P.S. Anonymous it is you and your mindless comments that represents the dumbing down of America. Now please get back to your "want fries with that" minimum wage job.