Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Do Not Heart Politics

Today is like or not to like day. I choose not to like. Perhaps it is because I feel really awful. A 36 hour blinding headache will do that for you. Maybe it is also because several people chose to visit my dreams last night that I am not a fan of. They caused issues in my dreams just like they do in my real life....imagine that!

So what do I not like today? I do not like politics. I especially do not like them going into a presidential election year. Politics used to be a way for two separate belief systems to express themselves and for the country to vote in the person they felt best for the job. Now a days though....politics has become a way for us to forget that regardless of our views....we are all still human beings. Democrats/liberals use politics as a way to call those who believe differently racists, religious nuts and elitists. Republicans/conservatives use politics as a way to call those who believe differently liars, unAmerican and socialists. It has become a school yard game of nastiness and hate and in it, we are teaching our young people to do the same.

When politics comes into play, it seems that we forget that people are more than there political beliefs. A friend and I were talking the other day. I told this friend that I have friends that range from the most dyed in the wool liberals to the most conservative of the conservative. When I speak to them or hang around them, my first thoughts about them are not their political affiliations. My thoughts are about who they are, how they have affected my life and how they fit into my world. The friend agreed saying that they didn't even know the political affiliation of most of their friends and didn't care. In the last decade they have been in zero political conversations with these people because they don't see friends as republicans or democrats, but as merely friends.

I make no bones about the fact that I am conservative. I am all that conservatism is about....and more. I am all for small government, lower taxes and the government not giving indefinite hand outs to those who refuse to work. I am pro-life, pro-gun and pro-God. However......I am not against gays in the military or gays marrying. I believe the war should end and our soldiers should be brought home. I believe that those in need should be helped, but should also be taught to help themselves. I believe in free enterprise and free speech. I believe our borders should be closed and illegals should be treated as criminals and not be given more benefits than even our own citizens are. I believe that animals should be protected, but not put above human life. I believe we should produce our own gas and oil and quit relying on the middle east. I believe that charity begins at home and instead of constantly giving other countries hand-outs and aide (natural disasters are not included in this) that we should be helping our own. I believe that government should slash their own paychecks and quit spending. I believe that we should be focusing on spending only that which is necessary and cutting back on or cutting out altogether that which are not an immediate need. I believe that ALL government offices should have term limits and that president should be a term of respect, not a term that we as a people are embarrassed to utter. I stand when the flag goes by, I am proud that my children not only know but still recite the Pledge of Allegiance and I firmly believe that we are all "one nation under God." So does this make me a liberal Republican, a conservative Democrat, a liberal conservative or does it simply make me a human being with my own thoughts and beliefs that yes.....they are part of who I am, but not the sum of all that I am?

I am sure my democrat/liberal friends could jump in here and tear me apart for any number of my beliefs and my republican/conservative friends could do the same. But I would hope that those of you who know me, know that while yes I do live my beliefs and am not afraid to back them up, also know that I don't disrespect those who believe differently than I do. I don't shut others down who respectfully express different opinions than I have and that I am always willing to listen and maybe even learn. That is what makes me not a political ideology......but a human being.

I have many friends with many strong political beliefs. I love you all regardless of where you fall politically. I just ask a favor of you all. This year, when you are standing on your political principals, please ask yourself when you start to throw the political mud 1) is this the time and place 2) am I helping my cause or simply making myself look narrow and ignorant 3) why do they believe the way they do? Could a little respectful education turn them around? 4) if I dive bomb them with my beliefs as if I am the only one who is I changing the world or their mind or am I just perpetuating what they already believe about me and 5) I am not talking to a lesser species.....I am talking to another human being and they deserve the same respect that I myself desire.

Life is too short to be angry and politics makes people angry. It makes people look at others negatively and tends to classify people in ways that never should be. If you speak out....speak with respect and conviction. If you are sure of where you stand and what you stand for, then you don't need to insult, belittle or bash someone else to prove your point. All you have to do is hold tight to what you know are truths. The rest will take care of itself.

So there you have it. Today's dislike. Now I think I will go back to nursing my headache. Hope you all have a pain free Thursday!


Anonymous said...

You don't like to be pigeonholed and yet you pigeonhole the rest of us. If you don't like politics then why speak of it? Oh I know, because all of your friends/fans use politics out of context and in negative terms to anyone who disagrees with you. Yah, good blog.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a dyed in the wool liberal, I respect what you are trying to say here but you appear to be one of a kind in your beliefs. In my experience when you are dealing with someone such as myself and someone to the far right, there is no common ground. Both sides seem to have little respect for the other and this makes the breeding ground for negativity and playground nastiness. Most seem to be more comfortable with name calling and insults than they are with an actual conversation of differing opinions. I like your blog and I say good luck. Maybe someone like you can turn a few people into humans instead of political enemies.

dyed in the wool from RI

J'nelle said...

I hate politics too. My family goes crazy in an election year. I can't stand to go to my parents house because all they want to do is talk politics. I vote, but I don't obsess. Half the people I know I have no idea of which party they belong to and I like it that way. Good blog cmom. Hope people listen. Maybe I will get my parents to read.

Anonymous said...

Your blog makes you sound like more of a libertarian or an independent than a conservative. More people are starting to think as you instead of just the main two parties who are beginning to look more and more like each other and act more and more like each other, just from different spectrums of the same view. I really like your blog and I agree with the others that it would be nice if others would just shut up and listen. Maybe your blog will touch others. I hate politics too.

Meaghan said...

If you believe that the soldiers should come home before the war ends and that gays should be welcomed into the military as well as allowed the right that only a man and woman should have (marriage) then you are no conservative. In fact you are not even close. No wonder you are taking such a passive agressive stance on politics. I would say you are far more liberal than conservative and no, I would not choose you to be among my friends.

Proud Liberal said...

I disagree with Megan. I think cmom sounds far more conservative than liberal. Her antiabortion stance alone sets her pretty far right. She talks about treating everyone as humans but she is pro-gun and again anti woman along with the fact I bet should would support the shutting down of many non-profits who help the human condition. I would say that cmom is some what of an elitist herself. If she doesn't need help then others shouldn't be asking for it. She to me is the very essence of what a republican is all about.

Proud Liberal

Anonymous said...

Proud Liberal I think you are completely wrong about cmom. I don't see her as elitist at all. In fact, I am pretty sure if you go back and read her older blogs you will see that she is anything but elitist. I think she is speaking from the heart on this subject and has no disrespect for either party. Cmom has spoken often of her political beliefs and while I don't always agree with her I do applaud the way in which she presents herself. I have also been on some political forums in the past with cmom where she has held her own quite nicely against us liberals. I started out absolutely hating cmom because I thought she was just another talking points conservative. When I realized though that she had real convictions and could not only say what she believed but back it up, I became a frienemy. Cmom doesn't do the forums anymore but I was really happy to find her blog and I know for a fact that cmom is a woman to be respected.

dyed in the wool from RI

Thiry said...

Your a Republican...your a Democrat...your a liberal...your a conservative...your a are you...blah blah blah...sounds like a bunch of name calling little kids....and wow you better be one or the other or your a....--------....this is why our country is such a mess....

Mark said...

Thank you Lisa... gave you some "love it" today.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. What is more interesting is there is no sign of your blog fans Marni and Steve J. They have not even come to your rescue when others were calling you out today. Why is this? Did this hit a little too close to home for them? Were you disagreeing with their political rhetoric when there was no politics involved and now that there are, they are no longer in your corner? It looks to me like those twwo are pretty much fair weather friends. As long as they agree with you they support you but if they don't agree then the rest of the world is free to bash you. Guess it is good to know who your friends are. Again cmom, interesting blog and interesting outcome.

J'nelle said...

There are so many anonymouses on here I am not sure who is who, but this goes to the last anonymous. You know this was actually a pretty positive blog so why are you trying to turn it ugly? It looks like you are trying to start something among cmom's blog readers. Why would you do that? And why do all you anonymous characters hide behind anonymous? I just never have figured it out. Grow a pair and come out of hiding.

Cmom said...

Normally I don't comment a lot on comments made here.....but today I feel compelled to. To's blog came out of a conversation that I had with a good friend the other day. As we were speaking, I knew that this would be today's blog. That being was not directed at anyone and directed at everyone who use politics as a weapon. As far as Marni and Steve J. go, I take great exception to anyone trying to start something with them when they are not here to defend themselves and have had absolutely no part in any of this. These two are not only blog readers but have been close personal friends of mine for more years than I would like to admit. They have had my back many times and not just in my blogs but where it counts in real life. If they are here to defend themselves or if they start a line of conversation that is one thing.....but I will not tolerate anyone trying to start something behind their backs. This ends now and I hope that I have made myself clear. I appreciate respectful comments but I won't tolerate behind the back attacks!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Sorry Anonymous. I have a small business to keep running and taxes to pay. I do set in front of my computer anxiously awaiting the next blog so I can be the first to respond everyday. My bad.

Yes. I have a job. A successful business that keeps many employed. And that makes me part of the other 50% that actually pays taxes. Not that long ago I was broke and penniless. And believe it or not, I was once a diehard liberal. I even worked for a far-left political campaign once. Once.

I'm anything but a party guy. I have little trust for anyone that is a politician. It is the politicians on both sides of government that have compromised away the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

Now a little about me and why I'm intolerant of those that attack others without any justification. I am the firstborn son of an immigrant. A legal immigrant who became an American without a hyphen. My mother lived under German occupation and was liberated by young American patriots on June 6, 1942 in Normandy. D-Day. She felt the sound of the coming freedom that cold bitter day. Both of my grandfathers were freedom fighters. One fighting the Germans and the other in the Pacific. And just a few months ago I buried my father with full military honors at Leavenworth National Cemetery.

My paternal ancestors have fought in the Revolution, Civil War, WW1, WW2 and Vietnam. And my family name goes all the way back to 1200s to the Highlands of Scotland. An ancestor with a name I share, fought alongside William Wallace to win freedom for Scotland that ended the tyranny under England.

So freedom and the passion to fight for it runs in my blood. When I woke up after college and realized that liberalism doesn't work I cast away my party beliefs. Democrat, republican, liberal, libertarian or conservative. I really don't care what you call yourself. But if you stand in the way of freedom and liberty and the protections guaranteed by Constitution, I will call you an enemy.

I believe as Americans we ALL have the right and responsibility to be self-reliant, independent and happiness is the responsibility of each one of us to obtain on our own without infringing on the rights of others. Happiness is not a gift or a guarantee that can be bestowed by politicians seeking to further their political careers. We are to help the helpless, and firmly educate the clueless on how to get a clue on their own.

And if anyone intimidates, threatens or belittles the ones I love, admire and call friend without provocation, I will take a relentless stand and defend them without regard for feelings.

Also, I am not without fault and certainly not without sin. I am far from perfect this I know.

Anonymous, I could careless about your politics. Really. I only used it to find your hot button and bring you out and bring focus your attention squarely on me. And as long as you continue to hide behind your keyboard I will single you out.

I see you as the selfish coward incapable of identifying yourself because of your insecurities and emotional confusion. Simply, your actions are pathetic. And it would behove you to get a backbone and start working on your own shortcomings and leave Lisa alone.

Be contrite and ask for forgiveness from Lisa and I will forgive and leave you alone and welcome the opportunity to laern of your little side.

Steve Johnston
(Yes, I have a name. Do you have a name Anonymous? Or will you continue to hide?)

Marni said...

Well here I am. So sorry I see that I have been missed. Thank you so much for making me feel loved. And Cmom that's girl, I always knew you had my back. But let me state that CMom does not need us to come to her rescue. She a tough gal and can fight her own battles. I just like to jump into her fights Sometimes and get a kick in every now and then. Not for her but for myself.
I guess when the blog is ABOUT politics then it's ok to bash and call people names. As I see Anon is doing...surprise I will only say that I do carry a lot of the same beliefs that Cmom does. Go ahead call me names now. Come on throw some nasty remarks out about me too. Oh wait...Anon already did.
Listen, I stated in the other blog that I would digress on what I said for it was not the place or the time. I have strong feelings about this and refuse to be pulled into a
pissing match. But don't get me wrong.....I Stand for what I believe in as everyone else does. Am I happy that I called you out the way I did? No, I dont usually do that and am not proud of myself. I just got caught up. But do not take my kindness for defeat. Do I still think you are wrong for saying what you do about Cmom, absolutely!!!
So let's just say that, I am here, I am reading and I will respond when needed. Today...not so much needed because Cmom was doing just fine!!! So you're calling ME is useless.