Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

It is a rather warm but nice Sunday morning. I went to Mass last night and Father Mike is back. I am so happy. I missed his sermons and his quiet yet concise and sometimes very witty way of getting a point across. Last night he gave the longest sermon I think I have ever heard him give. It was about the Butterfly Effect. When the BE was first talked was laughed at as ridiculous. Some thirty years after the fact was found to have a great deal of merit. The fact is....each of us is in some way responsible for the BE. Each of us has the ability to(and does) change history. Everything we do and every decision we make can have an effect on generations to come. Through both the good and the bad choices we seldom if ever just effect ourselves.....usually they have far reaching effects and sometimes they reach so far that we aren't even aware. Even after Mass....I realized how fascinating and even scary the BE could be. For some reason my mind went to Timothy McVey and the OKC bombing. What if at one time when young Timothy was in teacher, one mentor, or one unsuspecting "idol" said just the words that put McVey on the track to deciding that the government had to pay and OKC would be his target? If you think about it in those terms....then it becomes quite evident that each of us wields a great deal of power in this life. Definitely more than any of us realizes or probably wants to think about. And yet it proves (at least in my head) that God has plans for all of us.....and often we touch people and effect people in our journey through life....that possibly we will never even know about. I would say that when a sermon makes you think about it even long after the sermon is done....that was a good sermon....and yes Fr. are part of the BE!

So my mind is doing it's racing thing today. It is running all around and making me think of the weird, the strange and even the past. For some reason I was thinking of all those old shows we used to watch, most in black and white....where the mom was the center of the home. She cooked, cleaned, took care of everyone....and always looked good doing it. I remember as a kid....even though by then women were starting to work outside the home and have careers and lives beyond their husbands and kids that I really wanted to do only one of two things. I wanted to be a writer and a stay at home mom and if I could have found a way to do both at the same time....I would have. Needless to say....I have not as yet been able to find a way to mesh the two and survive, so I have had to find other less satisfying ventures in my life. This got me to thinking about all the incarnations of Lisa over the years. I have worked in a lot of jobs I hated, several I loved and even owed my own business. I sold Mary Kay for awhile...about long enough to get my friend Chris into it. I left she stayed and 20+ years later....she is still hard at it. Tell me that is not the BE at work! I have been a farm girl working on a dairy farm, a bowling instructor, a cosmetics salesman, worked in a hospital, served beer, sacked groceries, dispensed eye glasses, catered, did nails, worked for the city and currently work in a computer shop and bake cheesecakes. Through it all.....there were times when I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom (even though we almost starved) and I have played with the written word as much as possible...but I have not as yet lived my dream of being at home and writing and actually being able to put food on the table and clothes on backs. I still dream of being able to spend summers with my kids taking them places, spending lazy afternoons by the pool and having regular family vacations. And in the winter time....having an immaculate house, fresh baked cookies and hot dinners waiting for my kids when they come home. Yeah....June Cleaver....I would love for the chance to channel you....heels and all. Sigh! So now you know the inner workings of my mind on a Sunday morning. Scared yet?

So another little scary tidbit....I have the demolish/redo/restore bug again. So far it is not overwhelming....but it is definitely prodding me in that direction. Berty came over Friday night and we made plans for not one but two rooms in my house (David's bedroom and his therapy room). We are also going to be doing a room in Berty's house and a room in Thiry's house. It kills several birds with one stone. First of all....we all get to spend time together (something we have had very little of in the last few years), two....we get to shop together (who doesn't love that?) and third....when all is said and done, we will have new rooms which we did together, had fun doing and with any luck....look awesome. I am getting pretty excited. The three of us usually work pretty well together and between us....we have some really good ideas. We all have our strengths and Berty is really good about we should be good to go. Don't worry...there will be pictures....before....during.....and after. This should also make for some pretty interesting blogs. By the way.....does anyone have any pattern ideas for some Roman Shades? now that I am sure you are changed forever knowing just where my mind goes on a Sunday morning....lets see what the 30 Song Challenge has in store for us today. Today is day 10: A song that makes you fall asleep. doesn't tend to make me fall asleep...usually! However...when I was young I couldn't go to sleep without music. I had my favorites too....Elton John, Dan Fogelberg and my all time favorite....The Carpenters. Before there were mix tapes, I had my little stereo by my bed and I would put one of my LP's (yes I said LP!) on and just let it play until I was fast asleep. One of my all time favorite songs to go to sleep to was today's song. Here are The Carpenters and Rainy Days and Monday's!

Hope you have a glorious Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Kind of interesting. I just thought the Butterfly Effect was a movie. Scary that we have that kind of control over the world. Loved the blog.