Friday, July 29, 2011

Teenage Boys, Dating and Guilt

Last night was an errrr.....interesting one. Got to see Z sing karaoke again....always fun. Got to hang with friends and an old friend I hadn't seen in awhile. It was fun....and interesting. I was having enough fun that I really didn't want the evening to end any time soon, but as always happens in my world, plans come crashing down with a thud! After Z left to go home...the friends and I were staying to have some more fun when I got the call that a fight was going on at my house. I have just two words for you....TEENAGE BOYS! Z and a friend had not been getting along. The tensions were high at karaoke and apparently when they took off....the tensions exploded. I walked in to find Z's face and shirt covered in blood. Eyes still watering from the blow he took to the nose he said, "No worries's all good!" REALLY? He's bleeding but it's all good! I was at first speechless and then my question was...."How does the other kid look?" He was fine, just a bruise to the face. Apparently an ongoing argument hit it's boiling point, both boys threw punches and it was over. They are friends again and all is good. GREAT! And my night ended there. I think I am destined to have no fun! Grrrrrrr

So today the interesting and unexpected continued. It started out with a plan in mind and then the plan changed....a new plan was created and now the day is nearly done. All in wasn't too bad. Got to spend the day with Z and he and I had some fun. It seems that things may be calming down, at least temporarily. Things also took an interesting turn in another way today. I got a call from someone I have not heard from in more years than I would like to think about. The hoops that had to be jumped through to find me.....well, probably weren't that bad. I have only moved within a 10 mile radius in the last 30 years. At any rate, the call was unexpected and honestly I am still not sure how to take it.

I have talked recently about.....thinking about.......dare I say the! It is a scary proposition which would take me so far out of my comfort zone at this point.....but anyway, the thought has been there. A young friend had even gone so far as to put a profile of me on a dating site. I haven't even looked at the site since I changed my profile. This tells me that internet dating is probably not the route I am going to go. I have toyed with the idea of getting my feet wet so to speak, but toying is about as far as it has gotten. I have a couple of friends who have their fingers strategically centered on speed dial in hopes that I will give them the okay to set me up on a blind date. As of yet....they have not been given the okay. I have also toyed with the idea of the past. I toyed a little more last night but......well there was blood and teenagers and read the above paragraphs. So today when I got the call I was shocked. I always felt that if I were suppose to date again, then I would just know it. It wouldn't be a question or a would just happen. It seems that not only are he and I old friends but he is also a friend of a friend of  apparently a friend......who told him we really need to reconnect. gets interesting when you least expect it. The only draw back......drum roll please.....he is still attached! He describes himself as being in the limbo stage between married/separated/divorced! Arrrrrggggghhhh! Sounds like we will be just friends!

I don't know about the whole dating thing. I know the rules have changed since I was last in the game, but some things I just still hold dear. I won't ask a guy matter how he looks, acts or smells (and trust me....smell is a factor). The guy asking the girl was something engrained in me by my mother and I don't see that changing any time soon. I am fun, spontaneous and seldom boring, but I am not cheap, easy, or willing to be someones "on the side!" Does this make me an undateable dinosaur? Guess we will just have to wait and see. For now...this chapter is left unwritten, but who knows.....anything can happen. The possibilities are endless. 

So now it is time for the 30 Day Song Challenge. Day 28:  A song that makes you feel guilty. When I saw this one....I laughed. Few things do I feel truly guilty about in life, but there are those couple of exceptions. And it is so funny that one of those guilty times also came with its own soundtrack. We will leave the details of the story a secret but lets just leave it at the fact that every time I hear this song particular song......I feel the need to apologize! Here is Taylor Dane and I'll Be Your Shelter!

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!


Ben said...

Shel said you had a blog. Imagine my surprise when I go looking for it and find that the first piece I look at is about me. It is about me right and our earlier conversation. I believe you used my "limbo" wording. Yes Lisa I am not currently divorced and can't say we are even legally separated because we live under the same roof. But that is where our marriage ends and ended quite some time ago. Since you brought up our long ago friendship in your blog I guess I will tell you what I remember and why I would like to see you again. I remember a young girl sitting outside Goodnow Hall crying because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. I remember spending hours doing anything to make you smile and when you did smile, it lit up everything around you. I just wanted you once to look at me like you had looked at Glen, but you never did. Then you left. I have kept track of you through friends throughout the years but recently the thought of your smile and your laughter have made me want to reconnect. My divorce is eminent and seeing you again greatly desired, but you let me know today that was not a possibility so I guess the memory of your smile is all I will have for now.

Your friend

Ben said...

Oh and great song by the way.

J'nelle said...

Ben, dude, that was kind of beautiful and kind of creepy all at the same time. Too bad your married. Sounds like you like cmom but it also sounds like cmom isn't into the already married kind. Cmom I have told you before how much I love your blog and I am throwing out an idea. You need to find a man. An unmarried man and you need to blog about your search. You would have the whole world reading. I know I would tune in everyday just to get an update. Just an idea.