Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Four More Years of This????? Oh HELL NO!

So I am not gonna lie....I am pretty excited that it is early morning (fairly early anyway) and today I have chosen blogging over sleeping. Maybe it is that I have finally caught up on my sleep and maybe it is just that I feel re-energized today (blog wise) after yesterdays Blogger Idol play along. I really enjoyed paying it forward and shining the spot light on other blogs....and lets face it, who doesn't like knowing that someone besides those in their own little hemisphere appreciate their work? The flip side to that coin is also that the blogs I highlighted are true gems and now more of the world knows they exist. There is some amazing reading there and I hope everyone takes the time to find that out.

Last night I did something I have only done one other time since 2008. I listened to the president speak. The only other time this happened was during the whole healthcare reform debacle. Like then.....last night I ended up flipping channels after the speech listening to various news stations seeing if anyone's take was the same as mine. During the HR the lines were drawn far and wide between CNN, FOX news and MSNBC....the most obvious divide was between FOX and everyone else. Last night though was different. As I switched from channel to channel....all were saying the same thing.....our country is (pardon my language) f#$%ed and the president is just as much the problem as the house and senate. Lots of words and phrases were bandied about when the president spoke such as "balanced", "partisan" and "raising the debt ceiling". There was also a fair amount of finger pointing going on directing our debt back to Bush without much admittance that the current administration took a bad situation and made it worse......trillions of dollars worse. And then there was a lot of talk about Ronald Reagan. It almost felt like "What would Reagan do?" or more correctly......"This is not how the house and senate nor the people treated Reagan....so why you gotta treat me like this?" Why? Because Reagan didn't help us push this country into trillions of dollars worth of debt! Duh!

Honestly though.....I am not really feeling the love for the Republicans either. Standing with their feet planted firmly in the ground and saying we won't budge is not a solution. Yes....I know that they are willing to compromise to a point....but if everyone in Washington doesn't put their big girl panties on and quit pointing fingers....this country is going to be up a creek without a paddle. No one involved in this vote is thinking of the people....they are all worried about their jobs. They want re-elected and so here we stand. As it is.....there is no one in Washington that I would re-elect at this point. Four more years of this????? Oh HELL NO!

Things on the home front have hit a quiet lull. I guess it took a huge storm to quiet the unsettled atmosphere. I think I feel a little better myself. It just sort of depends on the day, sometimes the hour and at other times....even the minute. I find myself going from being perfectly fine....to feeling like I may cry. What I haven't felt in a while is really happy. Don't get me wrong....I know I am lucky and very blessed to have all that I have in my life, but to feel happy....well that is an emotion that seems to allude me right now. I miss those days of excitement and that feeling of happiness right down to my toes. I miss looking forward to things and not worrying about absolutely everything from money to my children's health. I am tired of constantly missing those who are gone and wanting someone or something that simply may not exist. I want to get back to that place where I am living....not merely existing. I NEED some good old fashioned happiness in my life! But as I said...things are okay now and I am good with that!

So yesterday I missed the 30 Day Song Challenge. All is good though as there are 31 days to July so we will still break even come July 31st. Today's song (Day 25) is: A song that makes you laugh. Again...laugh, happy, smile....aren't they all the same? Glad there are more than enough songs out there to cover the same emotion over and over again. This particular song is a gem...however the video actually makes the whole song. I have long been a Vince Gill fan....clear back to his days in Pure Prairie League and his comedic skills are almost as good as his voice. So today I leave you with The Cherry Bombs and It's Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night that Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long.....

Hope this leaves you with a smile and helps you to have a really great Tuesday!

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