Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Blog.....About Nothing

So perhaps I was wrong! Perhaps today is a good day to blog more than once. With any luck though....I will get all my thoughts completely out in this blog so you won't have to read yet a third and fourth blog today! There are several reasons that I am blogging again. One...I don't feel that I have had the time or energy to actually say what I have wanted to say in my blogs recently. Yes..I blog daily, but after I blog....I always seem to think of things I wish I had said....but forgot. Now I have some maybe I can clear my head. However....I make no promises!!!!

Another reason was because I opened up a news site and there was the headline that Amy Winehouse....was dead at 27. For those of you who don't follow the music scene or live under a rock.....Winehouse is a talent young woman, known for her public antics as much as she is known for her music. When I saw the headlines I have to admit that the shock was only momentary. If you have followed the news at all, you know that her abuse of drugs and alcohol, her health issues, and her public displays have kept her front and center of the media for the last couple of years. After awhile ones mind had to go to not "if" something was going to happen to her....but "when!" As of now the cause of death is unknown, but I am sure the public, much like myself is wondering if it was drugs, alcohol, or a bad combination of the two which took the singers life. When reading on about her....I also found an interesting piece that described her death as one of several talented artists who also found themselves adrift in a sea of substance abuse and left this world too 27. I just find it all so very sad!

Moving on...I decided today to do my version of nothing. It basically consists of doing exactly what I have to do in order to survive (food, cleaning up and taking care of David) but little else. So I was playing on the computer and going to different sites that I used to frequent but have little time for anymore. After checking them out....I suddenly realized that it had much less to do with my time schedule and much more to do with content in why I no longer visited those sites. Most were of a political nature and regardless of the side you were on.....there was nothing but nasty, hateful and negative. Yes folks...that is where we are in the world today. We can use our political beliefs to knock someone of a differing belief down, verbally abuse them, say horrid things about their families, their children, their sexual orientation and even their religious beliefs....and still sit back smugly feeling as if we have the right. I was really pretty appalled at the whole situation and it wasn't just one site, but all that I went to. Also not just one political belief....but all seemed to be acting the same way. There was no shame whether they were republican's, democrats, independents, libertarians or the so-called "green" group. They all felt their beliefs somehow entitled them to be total asses towards everyone else. Apparently there is no respectful discussion of differing beliefs on these sites anymore. The name of the game is name calling, back biting, and personally insulting anyone who doesn't agree with you. These are adults for goodness sakes and just reading their posts made me feel like I was back on a school yard playground. I was embarrassed and ashamed for all involved. Sad thing is....I am thinking that I was the only one there feeling this way.

So now I am going to ask a very politically/unpolitical question. Answers here...on fb or my email are very welcome. The question is...why do so many people hate Sarah Palin? I have asked this numerous times, but I have gotten no real answers. I will admit I have been on the fence about her (politically)  and I believe I have said this before, but the more I watch her, read about her and listen to her......I really find it very hard not to like her. I do find her voice a bit grating....but that has more to do with someone I knew in a past life than it does to do with her. She is a wife, working mom, a grandma, a politician and she stands up for what she believes in. may not agree with her political views, but why does that give anyone the right to trash her as a person? I have seen the most horrid things written and said about her and I can see nothing that she has done that has warranted this behavior. People have tried to make her look like some sort of evil monster......and it is just doesn't fit. So why I ask do people hate Sarah Palin? If you got an answer.....I would sure like to hear it.

So Z is working, man-child is still working my last nerve and David and I are just chillaxin'. I have played on fb, gone to all my old internet haunts, and now maybe it is time for that Lifetime tv that I have been talking about. Better yet...I believe I have a Netflix Dallas video that I need to watch and get sent back. Yep....I am pretty sure this day is going to slip away with nothing truly constructive being accomplished, but oh well....there are worse things....right?!

Well....thank you for letting me interrupt your Saturday afternoon with yet another blog....about nothing....and now I will return you to your regularly scheduled activities. Hope you have fun, stay cool and don't do anything I wouldn't do! (Today that would be a whole lot of nothing!)

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Jeananne said...

Yeehaw. Two today even though I didn't make the second one either. I was sad to hear about Amy W. too. I loved her music and thought in her own way she was very beautiful. Her life was too short but that was maybe the way she wanted it.

I don't fancy myself to be very political but since you asked about Sarah I guess I will throw in my two cents. I can't really speak to her as a person but I don't like her politics. I find her far too right wing for me. I am about patriotism and all but she seems like one who would throw God in your face every chance she got. Not that I am against God but I think with so many different religious beliefs and so many different versions of God out there, maybe we need to keep politics purely political. I also get the feeling that Sarah thinks she is just a little better than the rest of us. That comes off as phoney and very unappealing. It makes me want to shut off the tube every time her face appears. I don't really know what kind of a wife or mother or anything personally about her and would not judge her that way. All I know is that I would not vote for her. Hope she is not running.

Thanks for posting again. It is making the afternoon go faster.

JE Hope, IN