Sunday, July 31, 2011

About Last Night....... about last night.......can I just say that last night was...........THE BEST?! I don't think I have had as much fun as I had last night in literally years. It all started Thursday night when the friends and I were talking about tattoo's and one of the friends mentioned a tattoo party. I had never heard of one but I put it in the back of my mind as a maybe. All day Friday I thought about it and even up until around noon yesterday. Would I or wouldn't I? Then I decided. So I called Thiry and just to get back at her for all the times she made me go places with her in which I had no clue where we were going....I  told her she had to meet me at my house and we were going somewhere and I wasn't telling her where and she had to go because she owed me. She had no recourse but to come. I even made her drive!!!!!

Once we got to the party....I think the people having it were kind of shocked. One, I hadn't seen the hostess since high school (that will teach you to put a party invite on facebook Mary) and two....I don't really think I come off to most people as the tattoo type. Mary and her husband Ron though were great and I V-lined towards the sign up sheet and started looking at tattoo's. I have had a thousand people tell me that if you are going to get needs to be something meaningful. I can understand that, but I also wanted something small enough that if it would be done fairly quickly. Thiry found the pigs! If you know me at know I have a thing for pigs! I have pig canisters, pig figurines, pig is pretty safe to say that I love all things pig, so a pig tattoo simply made sense. Once the decision was made, it was just a matter of waiting my turn. While waiting....Thiry and I had fun. We saw people we hadn't seen in years (Glenda)  and met new ones. I learned a lot about tattoo's and was already planning my next one before my first one was even underway. There might also have been just the teensiest bit of alcohol involved, I don't really remember. It was just a great time, there was Dance Revolution or whatever that game is called....and Rock Band and wonderful food and it was just a great time. And best of all......I am no longer a tattoo virgin. It was really awesome and I didn't even mind getting up this morning to get ready to make breakfast and paint. We ARE still painting Thiry!!!!

Is it possible to have something so small as a tattoo change your outlook? Maybe it wasn't just the tattoo! Maybe it was just the fun I had last night. I so enjoyed every part of it and getting to reconnect with people as adults that I had only known as kids was really awesome. Thiry of course was her best self last night and she made me laugh until I was sick and she was so funny once I got the tattoo. She just kept squealing with excitement. Of course part of that could have been alcohol related, but it was funny none the less. The tattoo was big for me though. It was almost a bit of rebellion from the day to day of my life. It took me apart from just being Lisa the employee or Lisa the mom and helped me to remember who Lisa the person really might be. I am still a work in progress but finding little bits and pieces of myself scattered amongst the strange twists and turns my life has really nice. Thank you everyone who was there last night and helped me to discover another piece of the hidden Lisa!

So today is going to be all about the painting. I didn't make it up in time to go to church this morning, but will be heading out to 6 p.m. tonight. I am feeling pretty grateful and pretty blessed for a lot of reasons and church just seems like it is calling me. And wow....what a difference a week makes as last week at this time, I was feeling pretty run down. Again....very grateful.

Guess it is now time for the last song of the 30 Day Song Challenge. Today's song....Day 30:
Your favorite song at this time last year. When I first heard this song I thought it was beautiful. I love everything about it from the music to the lyrics. This was one song I never got tired of hearing and will still turn the radio up when I hear it. So I end this challenge with Lee Brice and Love Like Crazy!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


Marni said...

I KNEW you were getting a little pink piggy tattoo!!! What else would Lisa get!! Yea for you. And sometimes we as Moms...have to let go and do something fun for ourselves. So glad to read this blog full of just happy!!!!! I cant wait to see the piece of art on your foot girl!!!!

Joe92410 said...

I'm glad you had a great night Lisa. Us elders need to get out once in awhile. I plan on doing so again Wednesday.

Renée said...

congrats on the tattoo! I've been pondering getting one as well... I know exactly what and where I would get one... but it would definitely be some rebellion for me... and I'm not sure yet that I'd like to take my rebellion to a place of permanence... plus my sister thinks I should wait for "the year." So maybe not yet. :)