Monday, July 11, 2011

We the People and Dallas

Sorry for the lateness today, but today and yesterday I have been down for the count. The headache that has been plaguing me for the last couple of weeks brought me way down yesterday. I have been about 36 hours with the same headache and most of the time so bad I wanted to cry. Nothing has helped. Finally about an hour ago after trying to sleep for the 50th started to ease up. Right now it is nearly gone and with any luck by tomorrow will be a thing of the past. I didn't even go to work today it was so bad. I have just laid and whimpered. Hopefully headache and I have now officially parted ways.

I honestly don't say much of a political nature anymore.....but maybe because of how ornery I feel over this headache, or maybe because I am just so tired of knowing that the next few generations are going to be stuck with our generations fiscal (among other things) mistakes, that I felt like I needed to spout off. What is wrong with our government and us as a people? We are not millions or even billions of dollars in debt.....we are TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. And I don't believe that only one party can be blamed for this atrocity. The fact is that both parties are responsible for the debt we are in. One started it and the other ran with it. However.....the blame does not stop there. The blame also goes to us....the American people. The second we stopped making the government accountable and let them run wild...that is when the outlandish government spending took hold. "We the people" allowed this to happen and now government is starting to control us instead of us controlling the government. Some in government have started waking up and realize that something has to be done, but they are running into the issue of wanting to decrease the current debt  but no one agreeing on how to do it. We want less taxes, less government spending, and more money for education, social security and medicare...but what we don't want is to make any sacrifices to achieve this. Common sense should tell us that when you get in over your start cutting back and the things you cut back are the luxuries. the big scheme of things...luxuries are subjective....but we have to start somewhere. Around here there is much talk about cutting back the arts and people are very upset about this. Our governor is taking a lot of flack for trying to get our state budget in check (which is what everyone says they want) but no one wants to give anything up to get there. My state is no different than any other state, nor the federal government. It is simply a situation of we have to we want to continue on the path we are on and eventually break the government or do we want to make some hard choices and get back on track? I personally think that every elected official from dog catcher to President should take a 50% pay cut for the next six years. I also think non-essential things such as the arts should be cut back for at least two years and then see where we are then. I am not saying done away with...but yes...cut back. And I know that will not make me popular with a lot of people...but come on, we have to start somewhere and no matter where we start, someone is going to be angry, upset or feel pinpointed. Our government is also currently paying for the education, not to mention health care and in some cases free housing for many illegal aliens in this country. Again...this pulls out of our pockets and adds to the ever increasing debt. Why are we allowing this? I am just so beyond understanding how we cry out as a country that we have had enough when it comes to debt and yet we throw ourselves kicking and screaming when suggestions and efforts are made to cut it. I have about come to the conclusion that we are selling our souls to the government and when we finally as a people lose all control...then we will scratch our heads, wonder what happened, and try to find someone to blame. By then....the only one we will truly be able to blame will be the one staring back at us in our mirror.What will we do then? And by the way....I welcome all comments for or against what I have stated. My only request is that you be respectful!

Okay....putting my soap box away. And now we move on to something I saw advertised today that I am kind of excited about. I was a steadfast watcher of Dallas from the time JR made his first shady deal and had his first on screen infidelity right up until the end. I have watched the Dallas tv movies and was ever so disappointed to hear that they had stopped production on the Dallas big screen movie which was rumored to be staring John Travolta as JR. Today though....I saw that in the summer of 2012 Dallas the series will be back with the original JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen. It may be one of those ventures that just falls on its face because there is no resurrecting the past, but with talent like that....I am willing to give it a try and will probably also give it some leeway as I am such a die hard Dallas fan. So I guess we'll know where I will be next summer on Dallas night. It will be shown on TNT. I didn't even know TNT was still a channel. Hmmmm!

So now it is time for our 30 Day Song Challenge. Today....Day 11 is: A song from your favorite band. This was not an easy one as I have lived long enough that over the years I have had many favorites. One of them though that has remained a favorite from my junior high days through my advancing adult years has been Aerosmith. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry just have a knack for getting me up off my seat and my feet whenever their music is played. Today's song though takes me back to summer nights, river parties and just plain old fun. Here is Aerosmith and Sweet Emotion!

Here is hoping what is left of your Monday is calm, cool and very unMonday like!


Melissa said...

AMEN Sister!! All of my lib friends demonize Brownback because he is cutting back on the arts - really, friends - do we want arts or school lunch programs? You have to pick something? We can not spend money we don't have!!! I think everyone - the gen pop and gov't has their head buried so far in the sand it is going to take dynamite to get it out.

John Q. Public said...

I really did not think that anyone could do a worse job as president than Bush. He was sending our economy into the crapper before he left office and I had great hopes for Obama. In fact I would have voted for Obama a hundred times over if it meant getting rid of Bush. Now though I feel duped. The change he promised apparently meant more debt and few if any of his promises kept. Obama has made what Bush did in the White House look like childs play. He has got us so far in over our heads that I doubt we will ever get the debt to a managable point again. We need true leadership and I am thinking you are on to something with the pay cuts for the elected. Maybe if money wasn't a factor we would get someone in office who gave a damn. See, you are not the only one with a soapbox.

Anonymous said...

Politics are dangerous waters to dabble in on a blog. I am surprised you would go this route. Blaming the people of the United States for what our government is doing is really unfair. About the only part of this blog that I agree with are the fact that we are in debt and that bringing back Dallas is a good idea. I am not even crazy about the song you chose this week. I hope you do better on today's blog.