Monday, July 25, 2011

Pay It Forward/Blogger Idol Challenge

This is a yay for you and a yay for me and a yay for a few others too! The yay for me is because they came out with this weeks Blogger Idol Play Along Challenge before I wrote today's blog. Yay for you because instead of reading two blogs from me only have to read one. Yay for others....because this week's challenge is to Pay it Forward. Paying it forward in the blogging world means showing some love to the blogs that you yourself follow and find praise worthy. I think the only thing in the world that I love more than blogging is reading others blogs and seeing what their take on life and the world around them is.

So today folks...believe it or not,  this blog is not about me. It is all about the blogs I love....which in a way is still about me.....but I digress. So lets start paying it forward.

The first blog I love is by a girl named Kel. I stumbled upon her blog one day while trying to expand my blog reading world. From that moment on...I was a fan. In Ambiguously Shallow, Kel is irreverent and funny all the while sharing details of her newly married life, new house, her job as a teacher and her never ending struggle of staying stylish without breaking the bank. If ever you are in a bad mood...I suggest reading Ambiguously Shallow. It will make you laugh, make you think and most of all.....make you wonder if you are dressed well enough to even be reading her blog.

Renee's blog Dealing With Today was a blog I learned about through a friend on facebook.  My friend had asked all his friends to pray for a relative of his as this relative was in the midst of a hard fought cancer battle. Sadly, the young man we were praying for did not make it and my friend shared a link on fb from the young man's wife. The link took my directly to Renee's blog and after reading her blog...I cried. Not just a little whimpering of tears....but real sobbing tears. Renee and I shared something deep. We shared grief. Dealing With Today is about Renee's journey with a husband dealing with cancer and then dealing with the pieces of her life after he was gone. It has made me smile, made me cry and sometimes even made me laugh. Believe is a blog you won't soon forget.

Donna B's blog is another blog I just stumbled upon. I originally found her blog Discovering the Purpose of Our Lives... and really enjoyed it. Then I found her other blog, Mystical Journeys and fell in love. Mystical Journey's is all about the life of Donna's dad as he makes his way on his "mystical journey" through all that is Alzheimer's. Donna's stories of her visits with him and his unique musings of life on the inside of this disease....looking out, are sometimes sad but mostly humorous and help those reading to understand the life of someone and their family dealing with all that is Alzheimer's.

In A Tall Drink of Water....Roy is a big man (big as in 7'3") who can tell a story like no other. A Tall Drink of Water takes you through some of Roy's life experiences and health issues due to his larger than average size. Mostly though, Roy's blog is hilarious. Many is the time that I have sat reading his blog literally laughing until I was wheezing. And when you are reading from your desk at work....this is never a good thing...and yet still I read! Knowing Roy personally (we went to school together...he was a year younger than me) I realized through his blog that he is now and always has been much more than the tall kid in school and through his blog I have gotten to know him better and appreciate both him and his humorous view of the world. This is definitely worth the read.

Finally....if you have a green thumb, wish you had a green thumb or just admire those who do....then Catherine's blog In the Garden and More is a must read for you. Catherine and husband Michael (who also happens to be my cousin) have raised a houseful of kids thru homeschooling and teaching them to both live off the land and respect it. Her blog gives important information on planting, growing and taking care of your flowerbeds and gardens. Catherine also tells stories of her kids growing up, her wonderful yard sale finds and life lived in the great state of Oklahoma. Her blog is not just a pleasant is an indulgence.

While this is by no means all the blogs I read and appreciate...these are definitely among my most favorite. I think that Blogger Idol went way above and beyond on this challenge. Anytime one blogger can give another one a leg up or some much deserved praise and public exposure then I am thinking that it is a good thing. Thank you BI....what a great idea this was.

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