Friday, July 22, 2011


I am starting tomorrow's blog tonight. So technically....even though it is started will be tomorrow's blog. You following along? Today (yesterday/Thursday) was not exactly a pleasant day for me. I think I started out in somewhat of a crappy mood and the mood stayed with me all day. It is funny how those moods are hard to shake and sometimes whether we like it or not....have an effect on the entire day.

I am not sure where the mood started. Perhaps it has been my lack of sleep which as it is late and I am up typing....means tomorrow may be another sleep deprived day. At any rate, I was ready to bite peoples heads off and scream profanities at anyone who looked cross eyed at me today/yesterday. I couldn't hide the mood and after about 11 a.m. I gave up trying. Poor Z being our intern knew the mood and just had to ride the storm out. Sometimes it must suck to work with your mom!

Mid child came waltzing into my work, with the contraband he had removed from my house in his angry move. I don't know if it was a guilty conscience that spurred this action or prodding from a significant other, but either work place was not the arena for this scene to take place. Add to that....who he was with, and I was left dumbfounded, a bit heart broken and somewhat shocked. I just have to wonder.....when do they actually grow up....and more they always grow up, or do some just stagnate in a pool of unrealistic expectation and immaturity? I was so sad and really.....the rest of the day....I was pretty much left speechless. I did have to laugh a bit later though....when without provocation, Z pointed out that you simply can't fix stupid. Apparently he is right as I have tried again and again with no success. I guess I just realized that it was time to stop the insanity and shut down that painful piece of my heart. Hope this time it is successful!

Tonight/last night was fun though. Niki and I were met by Berty up at RD's (Thiry's in trouble). We got to watch Z sing karaoke and I must say....he did great. This was my first time getting to see him do his karaoke thing and it was a lot of fun. It took me back to the days when his dad used to sing. Tim and I even made the rounds to RD's (back then Alfies) a time or two. It was a bittersweet memory at a bittersweet time of year on a really crappy day. I always get terribly nervous before Z sings at any event and tonight was no different. I used to with his dad too. He did really well though and several from the crowd told me how impressed they were and asked if he was going to come back. I even had them tell me that they hated to kick him out when they did (all under age have to be out at 9:30 p.m. They let him stay till 10:30 p.m.) So all in didn't turn out to be a horrible day. Tomorrow/today though....might just suck a whole lot!!!!! Glad I don't have one of "those" kind of bosses!

So it is now tomorrow/today. I actually slept well last night and although I have a picture that seems to tell a different I am fine. I will admit though that I am glad that it is Friday. I need some rejuvenation in my life and maybe the weekend is just the ticket.  Since KS seems to be smack dab in the fiery furnace of hell according to the weather man.....I am thinking there should be pool time in my future. I also need to think about a paint purchase for David's therapy room and some house cleaning might also be nice. Next week will be a short week for me as the boss is going out of town and I get to slack off a day or that is always something to look forward to and I have scarcely thought about whether we will be broke or not come August 3rd. Anyone been keeping up on social security......'cause I refuse to watch the news anymore?!

Well...this is my saga of last night, today and a preview of things to come. Exciting? No....I didn't think so, but it is what it is. So I guess I will just move right along to the 30 Day Song Challenge. Today is day 22: A song that you listen to when you’re sad. is a bit repetitive. Sad, angry, down, depressed....don't they all kind of generate the same vibe? Well....maybe only in Lisaland. At any rate....the song I chose today is one that I really like and for some reason has been my song of choice for years when I wasn't in the best of moods. Not sure why....that is just he way it is. I am not a big Joe Cocker fan but over the years he has done a couple of songs that I REALLY like and this happens to be one of those. So is Joe Cocker and When the Night Comes. 

TGIF and Happy Friday!!!!!

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