Saturday, July 30, 2011

Comments, Suggestions, Blessings and Kicks

You know...since I started blogging everyday, I have had comments off and on, but recently it has become pretty steady. Some are questions, some are just comments about whether they like my blog or not, some are definite opinions about a certain blog and some are suggestions about what others think would make my blog more readable. Actually I get a lot of those! Hmmmm! I read them all and enjoy every one of them, even the ones who appear not to be my biggest fans....although I am not sure how that could be. In the last week though....comments have been flying. Apparently my recent blog content has sparked a lot of opinions and those opinions have gotten me to thinking. Scared yet? You know...the whole me....and way.....I have some ideas for revamping the blog come August 1! I know you are scratching your head and asking yourself if it could really get better??? But everything can use a little tweaking and my blog is no different. One comment that got me the wheels to turning came from J'nelle at the end of yesterday's blog. The other comment came from S. P. through my face book messaging. S.P. said:

"Lisa I really like your blog but I read a lot of blogs. I love the crafty blogs and the blogs that have projects on certain days. Back a month or so ago, your blog had sort of themed days where each day you had a different topic. I really liked that as some of the topics I liked more than others like your Wednesday retro commercials. I loved that and read every Wednesday just to see what commercial you would play. I also liked the crazy news day although I can't remember which day that was. I really wish you would go back to that format and not change it. That way I could pick my favorite days to read you and still keep up with my other blogs. Understand? Just a suggestion."

What???? Someone not want to read me everyday??? Actually S.P. had a good idea there. I do need to shake things up again and get my blogging mojo going. Maybe these suggestions will be just the trick...and thank you both J'nelle and S.P. for your suggestions and comments. So watch out.....August 1st could bring some changes.

Last night was nice. It was peaceful. Still don't know anything on Davids med levels but he seems to be doing fine. Tomorrow will be a big painting day as we will be finishing up David's therapy room. We are going sage and brown. They seem to be calming colors and the curtains I have (which still need to be made into roman shades) will give the room a nice pop of color. I am actually getting a little excited. Maybe it is just because my head is in a better place. Even though it is still 100+ degrees everyday, I am consistently cranky and I have children whose sole goal in life is to give me gray hair.....there is excitement in the air. We are coming up on a new school year (yeah...I still get excited, even though I am not attending), Old Settlers, hopefully cooler weather and my absolute favorite time of year......fall! Now if I could just find my tag papers ....papers mind you that I should have had Friday and gotten my tags renewed. So far they are no where to be found and when I do find them....I will have to drive Z's car until I can get into the tag office and make my tags legal.

For anyone who doesn't believe in miracles and I was sitting here typing this, a huge blessing occurred in my life. It was unexpected and I am amazed and grateful and feeling tremendously blessed right now. God answers all prayers and the way He does it and the people He uses to help out often leave me beyond words. All I can say is....Thank You!

So what does our 30 Day Song Challenge have in store for us today? Day 29: A song from your childhood. When I was a kid, radio stations were AM and if you were young and in the Wichita, KS listened to KLEO! While in the mid to late '60's I was a little young to be picking my own radio babysitters teenage kids were not however, and KLEO could always be heard coming from their transistor radio's all over the house. (Don't know what a transistor radio is????? Look it up!!) I remember the babysitters 16 year old daughter Debbie was partial to all things Paul Revere and the Raiders.....especially a cute band member named Mark Lindsay. So today's song takes me back to KLEO, Paul Revere and the Raiders and the song Kicks!

Hope you are having a very Happy Saturday!

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Norm said...

Hi Lisa:
About your blog. I don't follow like I used to but it is nothing personal. I _am_ more inclined to read it all when the fonts are bigger and the background foreground contrast is more distinct. Yellow/Blue, Black/white, etc. That's about me.
Love the God stuff.
Thanks for blogging every day.