Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have only actually been out of bed just a very few minutes....but already today is AMAZING! I know.....that is a positive adjective you don't hear much from me, and yet it is true. Why so amazing you ask????? Because I did not have to get up to do anything....and I don't HAVE to do not one single thing today. If I want to sit here and blog all day I can. (Don't such thing will occur!) The day is literally over flowing with possibilities of what I don't have to do if I don't want to. When I went to bed last night this was not the case....but when I awoke this morning, it was like magic had occurred during my sleeping hours.

Okay...the real deal is, Z got in trouble last night......for being a teenager. He has officially hit the "my mom is too dumb to dress herself" stage where he has to correct every "illiterate" word that comes out of my mouth, rolls his eyes at the utter embarrassment of my voice and have something far more intelligent to say than anything that I could possibly think of in every conversation we have. It is amazing that in working just a week an a half, suddenly his IQ has risen about 30 points where mine has obviously dropped into the negative numbers. Anyway, having dealt with this for several days, last night was the end of it for me. I brought to his attention his condescending attitude and let him know that the last words like that out of his mouth.....better BE the last words like that out of his mouth. I also pointed out the fact that I was pretty sure I deserved a bit better from him. I was still pretty ticked as I drifted off to sleep last I am sure was he. However....this morning no alarm jolted me awake and before he woke me up or let me know that he had found a ride to go mow, he had changed his brother and gotten him ready for the day. WOW!

David and I lounged in bed for awhile.....him watching Spongebob and me trying to drift in and out of sleep until "I" was finally ready to get up. It was a beautiful feeling to know that Z has taken it upon himself to arrange rides to and from his jobs today and even more  beautiful to know that it appears he listened to me last night. Just knowing that my day is mine makes me want to be productive. all honesty.....I want to be productive as I type this, but once the blog is finished, productive could suddenly mean catching up on sleep, or watching Lifetime all day. In Lisaland.....productive is subjective!

Last night....before going to sleep, since I was already ticked at one kid, I naturally started thinking about the other one who ticked me off this last week too. And the week before that, and the week before that......and I came up with a way to stay out of all his drama from here on out. I have now come up with a new mantra which I am going to say to myself every morning when I start my day......and I am going to calmly use this as my retort when man-child comes to me and says..."Mom, I need your advice".....OR......"Mom, tell me what you think."  Mantra: "I don't know, I don't care and I have absolutely no opinion whatsoever on anything in your life." If I have learned nothing with man-child, I have learned that even listening to him signals drama, so if I immediately spout off my mantra....hopefully this will be his cue that Mom is a drama free zone. If we ever talk again....I'll let you know if it works.  

So what to do today? Or better yet....what not to do today? Oh the possibilities!!! This may take a nap, some deep thought and possibly a wine cooler or two by the pool to come up with a decision. Until is time for the 30 Day Song Challenge. Today...Day 23 is: A song that you want to play at your wedding. How do I tell them that this ship has already sailed?  Okay...lets just play along and say that I found someone willing brave enough to put up with me and my menagerie. Then what song would I have played at my wedding? Hmmmm. I always used to think I wanted Moon River played at my wedding. Why? Cause I love Moon River. But tastes change over time and different songs end up having different meanings as life takes us on our journey. So the song I picked is a rather strange one and I am not even sure if it would fit at a wedding (obviously I am not planning big on that second wedding) however, I think this song says a lot about life, love and all that that implies. If you are a Scrubs fan....then the video is just icing on the cake. So here is Peter Gabriel and The Book of Love!

Here's hoping that me.....have an AMAZING Saturday! Happy Saturday all!

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Jeananne said...

Cmom, I have been reading your blog for awhile and wanted to ask you some questions. I was gng to email you and ask you some questions but I couldn't find your email so I decided to ask here. You always say that you will answer any questions from your readers so here are mine. I am sorry if you have already answered some of these in your blog and I missed them.
#1 Do you remember the first thing you ever wrote?

#2 Have you always written like you do today or did you ever write differently, like stories and stuff?

#3 What is your biggest fear in life? You don't seem to be afraid of much so I would like to know if you are human like the rest of us?

#4 Does it upset you when people don't like your blog or your writing?

#5 In one sentence how would you describe yourself?

#6 I think you have said that you still have young kids at home. If the time was right, would you have more?

#7 Do you laugh more or cry more?

#8 Who is your favorite writer of all time?

#9 Have you ever had anything published?

#10 If you had one wish, what would it be?

and #11 Because I have asked you so many questions, do I get to be included in your blog?

Sorry for all the questions but I am currently recovering from an accident in the hospital so I am pretty bored. I have been reading your blogs for awhile and your writing interests me and it is always fun to know more about the writer.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

JE from Hope, IN