Monday, July 4, 2011

Flying By the Seat of My Pants

Yesterday did not turn out exactly as planned, but then again.....plans are for wusses! A true woman flies by the seat of her pants and says Why not? instead of Why? That last line was total bull....but it did sound pretty good, and truthfully....there is a lot of flying by the seat of my pants going on. All would have gone so much smoother had the headache been more manageable, but alas that was not the case. Today however, while still is not as bad as it has been. In fact it is much more livable, so perhaps my last day of my vacation will be a bit more comfortable. We can only hope. 

Last night did not exactly go as planned either. I finally....officially got to bed around 10ish as I was toast! In light of complete disclosure.....there was a small nap earlier, but it barely counted. It had been a crazy long day and I was so ready to sleep.....and I did......for about two hours and then my man child decided to come home. Now he was already on my "ready to kick out for good....yet again" list......just because he all by himself makes my head ache and I know he also owns most of the ever multiplying silver patches in my hair. Apparently the twenty-five years he carries under his belt make him too wise to listen to anything I have to say but have not as yet broken through the stupid ignorance that tells him it is okay to leave home without his house key and come home waking the entire house up to let him in after midnight. Add on to that him turning around and leaving yet again after he snarfs what food is in my frig and finds out that in fact Mom will NOT get up early and take him to work in the morning.....and you have a completely awake household and a less than pleased ME!

Z....being the teenager that he is, easily drifted back to sleep after the commotion. In fact...there is a question as to whether he ever even fully woke up during it. We have learned with Z that he does not have to be fully functional or even have his eyes open to wander the house at night. David on the other hand was awake and ready to go. Those two hours of previous sleep he got was like a catnap on steroids. He now had the energy of the Energizer Bunny and he was ready to party! Mom.....not so much! After a two hour battle of me trying to get him to go to sleep, no Spongebob on Nick at Night and him poking me in the eye, pulling my hair and then giggling uncontrollably about it all.....there was finally peace. And wouldn't you know it......I was too tired by sleep. I watched infomercials, The Twilight Zone and The Nanny and still nothing. I turned the tv off and Davids inner tv radar had him immediately sitting up in bed. I turned it back on and he went back out. Finally.....along about 4 a.m.....blissful sleep won out and I got four glorious hours of uninterrupted nothingness. It was magical!

So today I am just going to go with it! Tomorrow I am back to work and back to the real world so today I think I will just leave open. Maybe there will be a nice surprise (like no headache or man child finding his own place) or more likely....just some pool side fun with the kids. I do actually feel a little more recharged and after some mental preparation for the upcoming week (best done by the pool with a wine cooler I am thinking) then I should be ready to tackle the next four days.

And although we all know that most things are about is not. Today we celebrate our nations birthday. We fly our flags in honor of the strife and struggles we have gone through to get to where this country needs to be. We put our hand over our heart and know that as we pledge our allegiance to this great nation, under God.....that there are men and women fighting to keep this country strong and our freedoms in tact. always, we need to remember that freedom is not free and that those who are in service for this country are willing to give all if necessary so that you and I  and our children and grand children may sleep in peace tonight. Here is wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July and to all our soldiers near and far.......I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Happy 4th!

So today is day four of the 30 day song challenge. Day four is: A song that makes you sad! This is kind of a tough one. A lot of songs invoke emotion in me. In fact music is one thing that can bring me to tears, but I can't say it actually makes me sad. It just maybe takes me vividly back to a time or place that was special to me and that I know I will never be able to relive again. That is the case with today's song. When Tim and I first got seems that there were many romantic songs out there. Perhaps there were no more than usual....but because I was falling love......maybe all songs seemed like love songs. At any rate.....this song for all intense purposes was a song we called ours and every time I hear it....I am reminded of that special time that I will never get back again. And yes....I guess it makes me a little sad. So today I give you Joe Diffee (complete with mullett) and So Help Me Girl!

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