Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday....Need I Say More?

I won't lie! When I opened my eyes this morning and realize that it was Friday....I teared up a bit. When I realized that it was payday too.....yeah.....there was a sob! It is looking up to be a good day! We missed the rain that we were suppose to get yesterday. Sad news for the poor plants that I keep forgetting to water. Occasionally I think you can actually hear a audible gasp and choke from the back patio. Perhaps after I am done here....a thorough watering is in order.

And speaking of gardens (darn I am getting good at these segways) if you love to see beautiful gardens at their finest and learn some helpful gardening facts along with some wonderful stories, you need to head on over to my cousins blog In the Garden and More. She is actually my cousin by marriage...but I love her like blood. She and my cousin Mike live life in a small Oklahoma town. They have successfully raised a large family, home schooled, lived off the land and are now enjoying grand kids. Catherine is a mother, grandmother, wife, avid gardener and writer and she looks darn good doing it all. Her talents and skills as a writer were part of what inspired me to start writing my blog again. I only wish her gardening talents would spill over on to me a bit. So head on over to her blog and check it out. I know you will love it as much as I do.

Tonight is going to be the beginning of something pretty exciting for David. In fact....I think pretty exciting for me too. Remember the wall incident where Z's head hit Davids wall thus leaving a head size whole in David's wall? Well I was informed yesterday that the two people who love me the most and don't even have to (okay...the two people who tolerate me better than others) are coming to my house tonight. They have decided that David's room needs a make-over.....not unlike my entire house. Since Berty's daughter Lindsay is the one taking care of David during the day....I am pretty sure she was instrumental in getting this going as she has some idea's (of the Spongebob nature I am sure) to make his room the best David space it can be. Thiry's husband who happens to be the worlds best cabinet maker and woodworker (is that a word?) along with having mad carpentry skills is going to come and teach us (me) how to sheet rock so that the next body part that goes through my wall I can fix on my own. Yay me! I am actually very excited about this whole thing. Have I mentioned that I have the worlds BEST friends!!!!

Well today is a busy one and I best get on it. I am sure that soon there will be pictures of the above transformation....oh and I was actually a bit productive last night. That's right....girls on a roll! Lets hope the roll doesn't hit a brick wall of exhaustion before all that needs to be done gets done. Fingers crossed everyone cause the list is long and arduous.

So today's 30 Day Challenge, Day 8: A song that you know all the words to, was easy. I know some words to a lot of songs. I make up those I don't know and I change the words I don't like. you have never done that. However.....there are only a very few songs that I know all the words to. The ones I do are the really difficult fast talking songs that I make it my mission in life to learn. Don't ask me why....I just do. There have been a few of these type songs over the years but the one I know the best and still love the most is Travis Tritt and TROUBLE!

Here's wishing you all and happy and "trouble" free Friday!!!!!

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