Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Wednesday......Accomplish, Take a Class and Like

As I opened my eyes this morning, I thought that this would be a great day to accomplish something. So far though....all I have accomplished was turning off my alarm and falling back to sleep. I am so very fortunate that my job does not require my presence until 10ish or I would never make it. As it is.....I still barely make it by 10 some days. I have absolutely no idea what I do with the hours between 5ish and say 9:30 but whatever it is obviously not getting ready to walk out the door, because I am always running late. Some might call it lazy, others might say I am unorganized.....I myself prefer deadline challenged. I guess it is just another charming piece of that which is me!

Well....yesterday I didn't end up turning into the beast that I felt like. Apparently people read my blog and gave me fairly wide clearance. Of course no one answered their phones when I called them obviously blogging about my feelings is a double edged sword. My coworkers were no happier about yesterday being more Monday than Tuesday than I was, so work was a misery loves company kind of day....where we all stayed in our own little areas and pretty much left each other alone. The kids also realized that mom might ground first and then ask questions later so yesterday was almost as if I didn't have kids. They seemed to vanish when I walked in the door. It appears they too read my blog.....or maybe it was just all my growling and snarling that sent them running. At any rate.....the day passed without incident and today.....dare I say, I feel a lot better.

It seems that when I taught the creative writing/blogging class for the Free College day at BCCC, that the reviews from the students were this year they have asked me to teach a non-credit class in the fall. We tried this last year.....but apparently my skills as a teacher while entertaining.....were not pay worthy! Still BCCC wanted me to try again. I decided to try a Saturday class instead of one during the week. I absolutely love teaching the Free College day class as I have done if for several years now and many have asked if I would offer a class in the now here is your chance. If you want to spend your Saturdays during the fall semester listening to me talk about creative writing, blogging and of course ME......then get on-line and sign up for my fall class! Like you have something better to do. Peeshaw!

Well it is time to get off here and do something productive. Perhaps I will actually get to work early! Maybe I will discover what really happens to my time of a morning! Or maybe....and this is more likely, I will just sit here and think of all the things I need to get done....and then be late for work! Oh...and don't forget about my new facebook page. If you like my blog.....or even if you don't, would you please head over and like my page. At this point, it is not even really about the liking and actual reading and more about my ego! Okay, it would be great if you liked reading it too, but truly....I am not picky, I think I am just turning into a great big promotion whore. Don't is just a phase! This too shall pass.

And so it is time for our 30 Day Song Challenge. Today is day 6: A song that reminds you of somewhere. This song takes me back a really long time. I can still remember one hot summer day sitting in Berty and Thiry's basement (the coolest place in their house...literally and figurately) and listening to this for the first time...on VINYL! That basement....on their stereo is where I was introduced to the Eagles, AC/DC and today's song challenge winner.....The Steve Miller Band. I remember Berty saying that she really liked this song and wanted me to hear it. Up until then.....I had not been a huge Steve Miller fan, but this song changed that and while I don't still have the vinyl version of can bet that I have it on CD and ipod. Here is The Steve Miller Band and Jungle Love. Ahhhhh.....the memories!

Here's hoping that your Wednesday is the humpiest of hump days! Happy Wednesday!

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Thiry said...

I love the Steve Miller Band...and thank god for that cool basement and the pool, and sleeping outdoors, and I remember listening to the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, among others from that time, when music was good....