Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Not Feeling It

So I am so far....just not feeling today! It might be because it was after 3 a.m. when I finally got to sleep. It might be because last night as I was picking Z up at midnight that my check engine light came on and my van started making a horrid noise. It also might be because said van issues are keeping me (yet again) from heading to my family reunion. We had pasta salad, rolls and drinks already to go....and here we sit. is now several hours later and we know that the alternator is going out on my van. Lucky me....another unexpected expense. The good news is....if you put it into perspective, it is just a car part. No one is sick, in the ER, hospital or dying. It is just money....we can always try to catch up next month. The bad news is money and I am still trying to catch up from April, May and June. It doesn't really matter will all work out. It always works way or another!

Speaking of money.....or at least where I make my is getting a little bit exciting. We are no longer as stressed as we were a few weeks ago and some new and possibly long term wonderful things could be happening as early as this next week. I was reminded this morning by a young woman....just how blessed I am to have a job that I like and am even excited (some days) to go into. She asked me if I knew how lucky I was to get to go to a job I liked everyday. She said she works at one of the aircraft plants and she hates her job. She either freezes in the winter or suffocates in the summer. She said some days she almost cries thinking about having to go into work. Honestly....I have had jobs that I felt that way I do realize what I have. I think if I won the lottery today and never needed to work another day in my life....I would still keep my job. I might take a nice long vacation....but I would make sure that I still had my job to come back to. Some is the only thing that keeps me centered and keeps my children alive.

So it has been a while since we discussed numbers....but I am excited to say that as of this morning, my blog had over 19,600 reads. That means I am almost at the 20,000 mark.  With this blog post I will have 166 posts for 2011 and since Jan. 1st I have gained about 20 followers. This too me is exciting! I am certainly in a place I never dreamed I would be. I have people who read me every day, people who email me, message me and comment on my blog daily. I even have people who stop me at the store, church and even Walmart and tell me that they read my blog daily.  It really is a great feeling to know that whether my blog is happy, sad, funny or just another day in Lisaland.....that there are those who tune in daily and follow me and smile, cry, laugh, or just accept and move on....when they read my blog. To you my readers.....I say thank you!  This blog started out being just for me.....and some days it still is, but there are other days that the blogs you read are for you the readers and they contain my thoughts, my words and my heart and soul.....and trust me, that is a gift I don't give to just any one!

So today is day 9 of the 30 Day Song Challenge. And what does today bring? A song that you can dance to. Silly challenge maker uppers. Don't they realize that some of us can't really dance to any song? Lucky for them though.....whether I have mad dance skills or not, when certain songs hit my whole body because a jerky, twitchy mess which I have aptly version of "dance!" What songs can cause this convulsive craziness in me? A craziness that has been known to overtake me at work, Walmart and even my doctors office once? Well today's song selection of course. So I leave you with The Blackeyed Peas and Boom Boom Pow!

Hope what is left of your Saturday is extraordinary!

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Marni said...

Lol! I've seen that twitching....jerky moving thing that you call dancing!!! You really don't look that bad.....really!!!!