Thursday, July 14, 2011

Late Again!

Today will be a little late as life is doing it's thing! Okay...I was wrong! Today will be A LOT late as I wrote that first sentence about 12 hours ago. I just hate it when life and work get in the way of blogging! Actually today was a really good day. It was just tremendously busy. That and I wasn't in the mood to sacrifice sleep for blogging. No...the blogging thrill is not gone, I was just really tired. Tomorrow morning isn't going to be much fun or any too early either. But I get ahead of myself.

This was the day that Z started his internship where I work. I don't know whether it is just he is a different kid at home or some of his skills/talents I just haven't seen before, but he was rather impressive today. Granted when you compare his youthful, supple brain to my aged and decaying one....there is really no comparison. He catches on very quickly and has a natural aptitude with computers that I have never had. He was learning things today that to me sound like a foreign language. He loved today and wants to get as much time in as possible. He is hoping for 6 days per week until school starts, but I am pushing more for 3 to 4 so that he can still have some kind of a summer. We shall see who ends up winning out. At any rate though....if he keeps this up, he is going to have a really nice looking resume someday.

Apparently project David's Rooms will begin Saturday. I am so ready.....and then again....NOT! The whole NOT part is just me being tired right now....both emotionally and physically. Tack onto that the mild apprehension about how all this social security stuff is going to play out and the fact that I am running my air conditioning over time due to these extreme temps outside and I am a bit stressed. My electric bill alone may just rival the national debt (in 1830). Maybe some painting and hanging out with the two people that will make me laugh until I wet myself will be good for me. You think I jest? None of us have the bladders we used to!

Tonight has also added to my stress load. It is growing pains all the way around. This is the night of the Harry Potter premier. It starts at midnight and Z as his girl friend along with a major part of Wichita and most of the surrounding towns are attending. Z was crazy about the last one and he has lived for this since he heard it was coming out. Being the over protective parental unit that I seem to be, my first instinct was to say....."Are you out of your freaking mind?" In fact, I think I said those exact words. However, I realize that I can't hold on forever (although I have not as yet figured out why!?) so I relinquished a bit of the death grip I have on my "baby boy" and allowed him to go. They are going as a group and I demanded texted updates as to where they are every minute. Okay....whenever they are heading out and then again when they reach their destination. The prayers have already started that the kids have both a fun and safe time. And Z will learn first hand tomorrow the pitfalls of staying out half the night and trying to get up for work the next day. While that is a great lesson in growing up for is not so much a great lesson for his mother who will not shut an eye until her youngster is safe at home in his bed....somewhere around 3:30ish I am sure. Oy!

Now it is time for the 30 Day Song Challenge. Today is Day 14: A song that no one would expect you to love. I am really not sure what kind of music that people would expect me to like. I once surprised a 20 something when I was caught singing along with Snoop Dog. Not sure whether it was my pathetic off-key rendition of Gin and Juice or whether it was the song itself. However, having kids that have listened to everything from Sesame Street diddy's to Rap in my presence, I am quite cultured in a vast variety of music. I put this one in my music play list though the first time I saw it on MTV (or some variation of MTV). I love the song (not sure why) but when I turn it on while working out on the eliptical...look out baby cause I am doing 200 strides per minute without even trying. What song could bring on such a manic workout and shock even my children that I would listen to it? Why only Escape the Fate and 10 Miles Wide. Just blame my kids and MTV!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful evening! Happy Thursday!

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