Monday, July 4, 2011

Man for a Day

And another twofer! is time for Play Along with Blogger Idol. This weeks challenge: "If you could be the opposite sex for a day...." The instructions say to keep it R rated. I had to laugh. Being a woman with a woman's attitudes, I doubt my wants and needs for myself as a male would be lascivious.....but more along the lines of say.....practical.

If I knew in advance of said transformation, I am sure I would have a "honey-do" or "me-do" list as long as my....ummmm....errrr.....arm and let's hope that my arm turns out to be a long one. Let us also hope that the male me (mm) turns out to be handier around the house than the female me (fm).  It also wouldn't suck if mm could cook a bit. Nothing fancy just eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, a roast maybe, and possibly a nice carrot cake. Grilling skills would be nice too as fm can singe, burn, under cook, and turn to stone on a grill....but actually cooking on's just not going to happen.

I am also thinking that if mm is handy with tools (not his....but the actual Craftsman type) then he/me/we might actually have a day of complete excstacy. There would be doors to hang, railings to fix, molding to reattach and as if that weren't about fixing some cabinets,  pulling up carpet and if he is really good.....PAINTING? No....not body painting, but for me...much more satisfying. By now....he might be getting a little hot! Not to worry though....there is still part of fm in there. It is just a hot will pass!

We could round out our day with weed eating, lawn mowing and a little stump removal just for fun. And how about some wasp spraying, snake killing and dog tick removal? After all....I would be a man and those would totally be within my job description.

Finally.....before his time here was through....I would have him scrub my tub (okay...that may be one of my jobs, but after all....he is here) and run me a nice hot bath and then have a plate of whatever culinary delight he prepared warming for me in the oven. After all....after the day we had...I'm pretty sure that I am gonna need it!

So if I could be the opposite sex for the day....I am pretty sure at the end of it all that I would be just as tired and just as cranky as I always am.....the only difference house would end up looking a whole lot better. 

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Mama Spaghetti said...

Haha! I'm glad you're still playing along.

I totally cracked up at " long as my arm..."