Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Look and Themes

Well how do you like the mid to end of summer blog look? is a happier with possibly a brighter outlook. And yes, you get to hear from me a second time today. After I post this blog I will have made 35 blog posts during the month of July. Wow! I will also have had almost 7,000 page views this month. Not bad for a girl who this time last year was lucky to post 10 times and have 100 page views during the whole year.

As you probably picked up on during this mornings blog....I am in a better state of mind. I think a big reason is tattoo, but also because since Thursday night, I have laughed more than I have laughed in a very long time. Even though Thursday night ended was a lot of fun and so was Friday. Last night was in a league of it's own and then getting to spend most of the day with Berty and Thiry today.....well it all just did wonders for my outlook. By the way....the room is painted and I love it. There is still work to be done in the room....but the colors give it a whole new feel!

I told you that recently I have been getting a lot of blog comments and after I mentioned changing up my blog a bit, I got several emails from people giving me suggestions along with a comment on my blog about the look and readability of my blog. I am hoping that the new design is easier on the eye and eye catching enough to want to read. The emails I got were all about themed days. Apparently themed days are the new sliced bread of blogs, and I got some very good theme ideas. Since I have done themed days before....I decided if I was going to do it again.......I was going to go with some different ideas than I have used before. Since I am not great about doing anything for the long term (except apparently blogging) I decided that at the end of August I would let my readers vote on the themes and decide if they were keepers or stinkers. So here are the themes for the month of August:

Dating 101 or how to find a man in Lisaland (I think this is pretty much self explanatory)

Rant of the Week (My "strong" opinion about just about anything)

A Story about Me (Aren't they all?????)

Motherhood for Dummies (This is definitely something I can know a little something about)

I liked/hated it (A product, place or service that I loved or hated)

My Favorite Recipes (Everyone that gave me suggestions had this on their list. I love it...but I am not sharing the cheesecake recipe!!!!!)

The Spiritual Side of Things (My Sunday morning musings, Father's sermons directed at me, and my own struggles with good and bad, life and death and heaven and hell.)

There were a couple other idea's like "My Bucket List" and a "Pay it Forward" of the week and I may actually come back to one of those if any of the others either bomb out and/or get boring. But for is my weekly list of daily topics. The rules to this game are: there are no rules! Like always....I will make it up as I go along and if I decide/need to change it up a bit...I will do so. As always comments are welcome but please remember on rant don't have to agree with my opinion....but you do have to respect my right to have it. Now the only question is....which topic for which day? Since I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal.....we will just have to wait and see which topic strikes my fancy tomorrow and go from there. would be too easy to give it all away tonight and besides...I figure this way, I will hold on to at least a few of you daily....for at least one more week. After that, you will know which day is which and can pick and choose your daily read from then on. But will never know if I talked about you....unless you read my blog. Also...don't forget you can hit the follow button at the top of the page and follow my blog daily here, go to twitter and follow me there and if you are facebooker....head to the From Beginning to End and Back Again page  and "like" me there. Believe me folks....I need to feel the love! So have a great evening and I will blog you tomorrow!


J'nelle said...

Your comment bar is invisible. I had to run my mouse around the whole lower half to find it. Also you twitter link is invisible. Anyway, I am so excited about your new look and your themes. Especially the one where you find a man. I can't wait to read your new stuff. I will be a daily reader.

Norm said...

Like the new look Lisa. All your links are invisible unless you mouse over them. I know. I have some pain in the neck headaches on some of my websites too.

Cmom said...

Thank you both for letting me know! I think I have fixed the problem. Again...I appreciate the information! :)