Monday, July 18, 2011

Oops I Did It Again!!!!

In answer to three different emails....yes....I am still blogging. No....I have not been scared off by anonymous. Today has just been a crazy day and once again this morning....I chose sleep over blogging. If you are wondering what the three emails I am talking about are referring to....well....Oops I did it again! Apparently I have offended....yet again. I seem to rub one particular reader the wrong way. other blogs I have said things that I would not have been surprised if I were disagreed with or called out on for my opinion, but the ones I have been called out for have really surprised me. So this is where I stand on my blogs. I blog about what I think, feel and believe. Why? Because it is my blog and we live in a country where (at least for now) free speech is a right. I have no plans of changing what I say or how I blog.....because I know that when I blog, no matter what I intent is never to embarrass, hurt or offend anyone. If you disagree with what I blog about, I welcome your comments and may chew me out if you like, as long as you are respectful and don't spam me. Those are my only rules. Also....the flip side to being offended by my blog is that you also have the right to simply not read it anymore. Regardless of how you choose to deal with my blog....the bottom line is, my blog is me and I don't plan on changing for anyone.

It was a crazy Monday. Not bad....just crazy. I started out wanting so much more sleep than I got. I really cut it close getting up and getting ready this morning......and remember....I don't have to be to work until 10. Once at work....I was still tired and felt as if I was just spinning my wheels accomplishing nothing. I guess I got done what I needed to....but it sure didn't feel like it. The bright side to my day was that I got to try one of those Wendy's Chicken Berry Salads. Oh my gosh my tummy was happy. Those are awesome. If you haven't it  and love blueberries and need to try it. It was wonderful and I will definitely be back for more.

Once work was pool was calling me. It didn't help that Lindsay had sent me a picture of David already doing his thing in the pool. So I let no grass grow under my feet getting in the pool after I hit my front door. Two hours later, David was beyond exhausted and I was feeling pretty darn happy. I think I am finally starting to enjoy summer....and believe you me...summer and I still have some more plans to come.

Well...believe it or is just after 6 p.m. and I do believe my bed is calling me. David seems to have a second wind...but mom...not so much. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a bit more energized. Until then though....maybe be better just move on to the 30 Day Song Challenge. Today is day 18: A song that you wish you heard on the radio. I think I touched on the fact yesterday that I get tired of hearing the same old (new) songs on the radio every day. There is so much great music out there and much of it is very retro. I think that is why I love stations that play alot of the older stuff. One song that I never tire of hearing and that I wish I could hear more often is from a band that although they still tour from time to time....haven't really made much new music in the past 20+ years. That's okay though....what they did make was awesome and so that brings us to today's choice. I leave you with  Head East and Never Been Any Reason.

Hope you end this Monday on a happy note. Happy Monday all!!!!!


J'nelle said...

Okay, I am offended by the fact that you are using your right to free speech in your blog. I am offended that you not only ate, but also liked your Wendy's berry salad. I am offended that you got to swim today and most of all, I am offended that you like Head East. Really, just what kind of person are you? Okay, lol I am just joking. I couldn't resist after reading yesterdays blog and comments. Just so you know, I love your blog, think you should marry for handy-man services and I will be asking my daughters teacher what they do with supplies at the end of the year. Keep up the great work.


*Christina* said...

I'm on to you Lisa! I know that YOU'RE "anonymous" and you're just trying to get everyone else all riled up. lol

And seriously, I'd marry a good mechanic in a heart beat. Or an exterminator. I'm having a heck of a yellow jacket issue right now. :)

Cmom said...

J'nelle...when I first started reading your post I was we go again. Thank you for the compliments. I am glad you enjoy my work. got me. Life is just not exciting enough in Lisaland. I need to rile the world up....over school supplies no less. LOL
BTW....know any available handy-men????