Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Politics, Growing Up and Sing!

I find it rather amusing that when I write a political blog(or touch on politics)...fb, my email and even my comment section tend to fill up. Some agree with my view and some apparently don't, but many feel the need to express themselves when politics are brought into the mix. The fact is that I used to belong to a site that was nothing but political banter. I found out that talking too much about politics can bring out the worst in people. It is a great way to educate yourself on the facts "if" more than one opinion is represented and respected and you learn quickly that neither side is always right nor are they always wrong. I left the site because politics started to consume some of the members. They appeared to see people only as a political party and did not recognize that a persons politics were just one piece of who they are. I have many friends who have many different political views. Some agree with me and I see myself as pretty darn conservative. Some go so far right of me that they are almost left. Some are pretty moderate and some are so far left that I will admit at times.....I do cringe, but the thing that each of these individuals has in common is that they are more than their political beliefs and each brings something to my life that I wouldn't change for the world. The thing I find amusing at times is that often I can have a less heated political discussion with some of my left leaning friends who disagree with my views than I can with my more right leaning friends. I have learned a great deal from all of them....and what has become the most evident is that sometimes.....I walk away learning something new and sometimes I walk away teaching something new....and sometimes we just have to walk away agreeing to disagree. And in my opinion....that is what a good debate of differing views is all about. And thank you all for your comments. I love them all and appreciate that you take the time to read and give me your opinion. It truly does mean alot.

The headache lingers today, but it is within very manageable proportions. As I sit here waiting on David I hope that the promised yet again triple digit temperatures don't play havoc with my head and cause another full blown migraine. I am also wondering if one of my teeth is also playing a part in this as I have been having some off an on tooth pain that seems to be corelating with my headaches. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

So the drama continues on in Lisaland....leaving me to question....do your kids EVER grow up? There are days that I think I am doing an okay job and that they finally get it.....and then there are those days when they show me that we are both delusional. I am thinking that at 25, some lessons have to be sinking in, but I am sadly afraid that I am wrong. I went to my manual to see just what I/he needed to do to move along this adult/growing up process when I realized.....oh yeah...there is no manual! We are so screwed!

On to today's 30 Day Song Challenge. Today is: A song from a band you hate. I really don't know of any band that I "hate", but there are those bands I don't really care for. The funny thing is....since Glee started and they do so many songs from different artists I have learned to like some songs that I don't think I would have if not for Glee. Today's song is one of those. I do not care for My Chemical Romance, but when I heard this song on Glee I fell in love. I then searched out MCR's version and I liked it too. So today here is MCR and Sing!

Hope your Tuesday finds you in air conditioning. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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