Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Kind of People Am I? inclination was to spout off yet again about politics in light of what I heard about people possibly not getting their social security checks come August 3rd. There are many who cannot survive without them...myself being one. However I realized one.....this is just one of those things I have to hand over to God as I have no control over it, and two...that you all are probably tired of hearing my take on the  political world. So I will simply leave this as saying that if there are empty mail boxes and bank accounts come Aug. 3rd....I am sure a lot of political jobs will not be renewed come 2012.

And moving on. Yesterday I was privy to three separate conversations where someone said either "We are _______ kind of people," or "We are not ____________ kind of people." Coincidence I know...but it got me to thinking, what kind of people are we? The we being collective and meaning "me!" I actually had to think about it for awhile. The kind of people I am not was easier to come up with than the kind of people I am. I am not the lake kind of people because I don't own a boat or camper. I am not the camping type of people because camper and I have no gear. In fact I am not the outdoorsy kind of people at all. If it goes beyond my yard and my pool....then I am so out of my comfort zone. I am also not the traveling kind of people because vehicle maintenance, gas and the whole travel thing cost money. I am also not the wealthy kind of people because lets face it.....I am poor and after Aug. 3rd....I may be a whole lot poorer. So what kind of people am I? Apparently I am the stay at home, keep to my yard, pasty white, poor and fixing to be poorer kind of people. After following this whole train of thought all the way through, I then became..... the depressed kind of people! Sigh!

Last night was stormy in more than one way. Thank goodness we have started getting some much needed rain, but if you believe the weather forecasters (and I never do) we are suppose to have rebounding triple digit temperatures tomorrow through eternity. At least the rain has been nice while it lasted. Man child was also not happy last night. Once again we are dealing with his bad choices and he is mad because his family is not on board with them. I will say "his" storm passed last night with a lot less force than I anticipated. Perhaps if I ever find that darn owners manual on him.....I will get this whole parenting thing figured out. Until then.....again sigh!

So Z is over the moon. Tomorrow he is starting an internship where I work. He gets to come in and learn the ropes and begin working towards his future. He is so excited. This summer has really been good for him and I have seen some amazing changes. He is no longer a little boy. He is turning into a man. I am so proud of him. I can't wait to see how this ones life progresses. The possibilities are literally endless.

Time for the 30 Day Song Challenge. Day 13: A song that is a guilty pleasure. I had to really think about this one. Hmmmmm....guilty pleasure. I think this song would have to be one that so reminds me of my less than well spent youth. My senior year in high school I was not exactly studious as I had my mind on graduating, parties and boys. Not necessarily in that order. This song was part of the soundtrack to that time in my life and whenever I hear takes me back to a time when I was learning about life and making mistakes and somehow still....having the time of my life. Here is John Mellencamp and Jack and Diane!

Hope you have a glorious Wednesday!

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J'nelle said...

I laughed at this one. Didn't know whether to hit the funny box or the love box. Went with love. I am pasty white too. Guess that makes me "your" kind of people. Don't get me started on SS. My grand parents are so upset. I hope it all works out. I think we need a new president, house and senate.