Monday, August 8, 2011

200th Blog Post!!!!!!

There are certain days in ones life that you prepare for, know are coming and still....when they get a little misty. You know those days I am referring to....graduation, marriage, the birth of your first child, and your 200th blog post!  Today I am proud to say that I have lived through all of those in my life and with my 200th blog post.....I am a little teary eyed. Of course that could be due to the mosquito that flew into my eye about five minutes ago.....but WOW...200 posts since Jan. 1...that is quite a feat for me. And in that time span I have had about 22,000 page views/reads and many, many comments so that I know you aren't just peeking and running, but actually reading. Thank you all.....and a great big.....Yay me!

So in honor of my 200th blog post for 2011, I will treat you with two of my favorite recipes. One is a nice summer salad/side dish that compliments just about any warm weather feast and the other is the perfect end to any meal. In the summer time and especially this summer where our temps have been about 100 degrees or higher.....more days than they haven't ....I look for dishes that require little if no "cooking". If I can avoid the oven or stove then I am a happy girl. I am also about dishes that use fresh fruits and veggies as they are not only healthy, but this time of year many are in season.

This weeks first dish is Country Cucumber Salad. Not sure why it is called "country" but the cucumber is self explanatory. You will need:

4-5 large cucumbers peeled and cut into slices (seed if you like)
1  med. red onion sliced into rings
1-2 med tomatoes chunked into  fairly large chunks
colored peppers (red, green, yellow) seeded and cut into either slices or chunks (however you prefer)
1 bottle of your favorite Italian salad dressing
1/2 to 1 Tbsp sugar (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Mix all your veggies into a large bowl. Salt and pepper and let sit 30 min. Then add Italian dressing and sugar. Cover bowl and let set 2-3 hours or over night in the frig. The longer they sit in the dressing the better. You can adjust the recipe to your taste and family/gathering size. This is a sure way to serve a yummy salad and beat the heat at the same time.

Now if you are one who has a sweet tooth and wants an easy, cool summertime dessert....then this is the recipe for you. This recipe came from my Aunt Mary and I have made it dozens of times over the years. I have played around with it and added fruit and other flavorings and it is always good. Here is the basic recipe for Layered Pudding Dessert. 

2-8oz. pkg. softened cream cheese
1 lg. box instant chocolate pudding
1 lg. box instant vanilla pudding
1 c. powdered sugar
2 sleeves graham crackers crushed (or whatever equals about two cups)
1/2 c. granulated sugar
2 lg. containers whipped topping
2 T. butter/margarine melted

Crush graham crackers and mix with granulated sugar and the melted butter. Press into a 12 x 17 glass baking dish (that's the size I make). Set aside. In a mixing bowl mix cream cheese, powdered sugar and half a container of whipped topping until smooth. Layer this over graham crackers and refrigerate. Next prepare chocolate pudding according to directions. When done, pour over cream cheese layer. Add a thin layer of whipped topping. Put back in frig. Make vanilla pudding according to directions. Pour it over whipped topping layer. Now cover top with whipped topping. If you like a thin layer or a thick can't go wrong. Sprinkle top with a few crushed graham crackers and refrigerate over night.

This is cool, delicious and decadent and will be a crowd pleaser whether it is for a Sunday dinner or a great big get together. I have never had any leftovers when it comes to this dessert. You can use whatever puddings you like and you can add fruit into the mix as well as  added topping of nuts or chocolate and/or caramel sauce. You are only limited by your imagination with this dessert. you have it. Two of my favorite summertime dishes. Do you have some summertime dishes that you would like to share? Please feel free to add them in the comments section. I am always on the look out for new dishes especially the hot weather kind.

So it is time for my vacation to begin. I think I will start with some house cleaning and then lunch with an old friend that I haven't seen in many years. From there....well who knows where this day might go? Whatever happens though....I hope you have a truly wonderful Monday. Just five more days til the weekend!

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