Saturday, August 27, 2011


RANT! RANT! RANT! It is a good thing I left myself a rant day.....'cause today I am making good use of it. First though.....I need some feed back dear readers....and not exactly the "Anonymous" kind. If you look over in the right hand corner of my blog....there is a little poll. For those of you that have been reading for awhile, I would like you to put your favorite day(s) of this month. I am trying to decide if I need to change anything for September or keep things as they are. So far I have gotten pretty fair reviews on my topic days and LOTS of comments, but it is all about the readers. Okay.....we all know that really it is all about me.....but I need the feed back, so if you will just vote....I will be forever in your debt!

Now onto the RANT portion of our program. Today I seem to have so much to rant about (probably making up for last weeks non-rant day) that I am about to explode. So here is not just one rant....but a whole bunch put together.

First of all....let me start with Wesley Hospital and their parking garage. You people suck! Who blocks off all the parking spaces that are close to the door and where all the handicap parking is? On your best day your parking garage is a cluster f@&k and you can't find your car, but when you have everything up close blocked and you have two way traffic in a one way need to be shut down for stupidity. What are you trying to do....drum up some ER business? Don't my boys keep you busy enough?????? Taking David to have surgery was a nightmare. Once inside things were fine, but having to park in BFE and then having to find said parking space when I was finished was horrible. Add to that....trying to get a doped up 70 lb. child from his wheel chair to the car seat when he is dead weight...... and you have one really pissed off parent. Then having to turn around when there is no place to turn around and then go the opposite way of the major traffic in a space meant for only one way traffic and all bets are off on how nice I am going to be next time I have to visit their establishment. All I could think was....this must be what hell is like!

Then there was the rest of this week. I felt like all I did was juggle balls in the air. ones in particular....just balls. My brain spent just about every waking hour working on this project or that project. I am too old for this kind of mental aerobics. Every night I was so exhausted that I couldn't slow down to go to sleep. I spent the entire week beyond tired. And no....I do not blame my extra curricular activities of last weekend...or the fact that I have not caught my sleep up yet. I do however get really tired of telling people what they should do and no one listening. And no...this is not "it's all about me and you should listen," it is however,  "I know what the hell I am talking you should listen!" Education, experience and wisdom should count for something in this world....I am just waiting for those around me to figure it out so I can say...."I TOLD YOU SO!" Yeah! That's just who I am right now!

Then there are those who are trying to high pressure me about a business venture. Again...I am not stupid, but I am also not afraid to learn. Many good points were made to me this week, but at the same time....I am being pressured to do something I am not sure I am ready for. In order to be ready....I need to do my homework and get my facts and figures together....which I am perfectly capable of doing sans the adding and subtracting (I hate numbers) but apparently this individual doesn't want me doing too much thinking and a lot more reacting. It ain't gonna happen and he is threatening to pull the deal in a very "nice" way. My last words to him today....."Go ahead!" If I can't make sure it is a good deal for me....then I don't need it. Needless to say....I have probably offended someone else....and this person! Who knew?!

And finally....I just feel blah! I had so much research to do that I am just now getting my blog written. I slept too late this morning and after a certain ceased to be any kind of a restful sleep. I made a mistake with someone that I feel really bad about as I do try to pride myself on some things that I do. My house looks like a bomb went off in it. Z has strep throat and my dog has horrid gas and thinks that next to me is the appropriate place to lay and expel! In the midst of all of this....I rolled over on an open stapler and nailed my leg. Yes folks....this is why I rant!

The upside to today is.....I finally got my punching bag. This just may save all in my house and any who dare enter.

On this note....I will wish you a tremendous Saturday...or whatever is left of it. Happy Saturday!


J'nelle said...

I love your rants. Rant on sista! Rant on! LOL

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that there might be a reason that the hospital had things blocked off? And maybe no one listens to you because you are so opinionated! Just a thought.

Ben said...

Anonymous, I was just thinking. I think the world would be a much better place, if you would just shut the hell up!

Marni said...

Oh Ben....I do so like you!!!
Lisa...I too have been in that parking garage and it does suck. Even without the blocked areas its a horrible place to park...and I have lost my car many a time in there.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ben. And isn't funny how the opinionated Anonymous points at someone else and calls them opinionated? How stupid is that?

Lisa labeled her blog as a rant. A rant is intended to blow off steam. It's not about being right or wrong. LIsa was mocking herself. It was funny.

I would love to see Anonymous carry a 70 lbs boy to and from over a distance. And its not just David, its everything else that goes with him during a hospital stay. And multiple trips are not easy when you are a single parent with a handicap child. You don't leave your child's side when he is heading for surgery. Ever.

David may not be big, but he is solid. And yes, I've carried my little buddy David. Its easier to carry my 80 lbs son. Anonymous speaks out of ignorance and lacks wisdom.

Anonymous needs to live a day in Lisa's world before he passes another imbecile judgement.

Again, Anonymous shut the hell up. Lisa, keep blogging away. Just a thought.

Steve J.