Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Like or Not to Like

May I just start by saying....YAY!!!! IT'S THURSDAY!!! This week is almost done. This has not been one of our easier weeks as David has managed to fall twice and myself....well I managed not only to fall out of my chair, but to make a total spectacle of myself in the process. Grace was never one of my strong suits and I am very glad I wasn't wearing a dress or everyone would have gotten a free shot, as my legs dangled not the least bit daintily above my head. There is also a major blessing in the fact that everyone was so shocked at the sight of me falling....that no one thought to grab their cell phones and start clicking. Where I work...that would have been all over facebook by now. My injuries from the extravaganza were in the tailbone and back region. I won't lie...I'm a bit tender today. David on the other hand had quite a bit more cosmetic damage than I. Monday he took a header while watching tv when he had a mini seizure. His head hit the floor and resulted in a bit of a goose egg above one eye. Then Tuesday he decided to follow that performance up by falling down 10 or so steps and his grand finale was again.....face planting at the bottom. This maneuver left him a little more face damaged than the day before. But he did get high scores for originality!

Today is Thursday and I know you are anxiously waiting to find out what Thursday's are going to be. Again with the drum roll please. And the answer is....To Like or Not to Like! Ta da!!!! As you can well imagine....I have many varied and outspoken opinions on very many things. But since I also have a Rant day....I will do my best to keep my dislikes to more of a commentary than a rant. That way the days won't cross over!

I think I will begin this little venture with one great big LIKE! I realized the other day when I was wishing a friend a Happy Birthday....and it was actually on the right date and everything, that if not for one glorious invention/idea/whatever....I would not be able to do it. That invention of course is....Facebook! I have realized over time that fb is like the organizer I never had. It is also the information highway to family and friends that keeps us all connected and reminds me what my cousin Kelly Jr. looks like....when he puts his picture on his profile that is! 

Before I became a convert to fb, I was not much of a card sender (and I still am not), but more than that....I couldn't keep peoples birthdays straight to save my life. Now....all I have to do is sign onto fb and daily I know whose birthday it is and promptly wish them well. There are those hold outs who refuse to put up their birthdays....and to you I say....poo poo! Guess you don't want a Lisaland birthday wish then. To the rest of you though.....THANK YOU!!! I no longer feel like the worst friend/relative on the planet for not sending birthday wishes. And it even goes beyond that. Facebook also lets you know about anniversary's and reminds you of special events such as parties, charity walks and Christmas. You laugh....but I swear Christmas sneaks up on me every year!

Honestly though....the best part is being able to keep up with peoples daily lives. I love talking to friends I went to high school with, cousins who live hundreds of miles away and nieces and nephews and even my own kids that I don't get to see regularly. When someone is having a bad day I can smile at them (:)) or give them a virtual hug (((hug))) and just let them know I am thinking of them. When I am in crisis (and when am I not?) I can beg for prayers and know that my request is being heard all over the country. Facebook has made this single moms life....feel a lot less isolated and lonely.

I still have a couple of family members and friends who balk at the idea of fb. One in particular literally gets angry if you mention fb as they feel that too much information is put on fb walls. Truthfully maybe they are right, but I really think this person just doesn't like knowing that others know things before they do.....because it was on fb first. Sorry peeps, but I think this is the new generation of communication. The distance in peoples lives has been cut down by a keyboard and computer screen. Whatever will they think of next? So family and friends who text but refuse to fb....if I can learn to can get yourselves a little profile on fb...and I promise never to forget your birthday again! stormed last night. I am sure we didn't get near enough rain, but at this point...even a little is better than nothing. I am off to start my I wish you all a very Happy Thursday...and do you know how I know it's Thursday? Facebook told me so!!! :)


J'nelle said...

Sorry about the little one and his trouble with the stairs. I have to say though that the visualization of you falling out of your chair with your legs not daintily hanging above your head was hysterical. I am still laughing thinking about it. Hope you weren't seriously hurt. Thanks for the laugh and I agree, the world should be on fb and those who aren't don't deserve birthday wishes. :)

Michelle said...

I think I may know who you are referring to who just doesn't like it that they are the last to know:)

Cmom said...

Michelle...I think you are right! lol