Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Story About Lisa

Apparently yesterdays blog was a bit controversial. No that is not right. Apparently some anonymous individual decided to make a big deal and "act" as if yesterdays blog was controversial. At any rate, maybe today's will be a little less exciting. I am thinking though that maybe I should thank Mr./Mrs. Anonymous. In the last 24 hours, my blog has had 500+ hits. Perhaps though...those hits are more about the comments to my blog, than the actual blog itself. Yesterday's blog had some great comments both here and on Facebook.....and I have some truly awesome readers. Thank you all!

Today is Wednesday and Wednesday's will now be known as A Story About Lisa Day! Again though....isn't every day A Story About Lisa Day? Doesn't matter....Wednesday's are now official!  To be honest, now that I have the floor and your complete and undivided are paying attention...right? I really can't think of any stories in particular to tell. Most of the great stories in my life happened when I was more of a spectator than a featured player. Lucky for both of us though....yesterday I was cleaning out some drawers and I found a box of notes that I have held onto since my jr. high school days. Yes...I said notes. I had a couple from some people I don't even remember but I am sure in my 8th grade world of yesteryear, they were highly secret. In said so right on the front of the note.

One thing I ran across was one of those old questionnaires we used to pass around which held all the most important facts of our lives. You know the ones...very much like the ones that used to get passed around facebook all the time. At any rate....for whatever reason...I kept this one and I thought it would be fun to share. This little crumpled up piece of notebook paper, greatly faded and torn from years of folds held the story of the 8th grade Lisa and maybe we can contrast and compare to the modern day Lisa. Here goes!

1) Your name: (8th) Lisa    (Now) Still Lisa

2) How many kids do you want? (8th) 10 what was I thinking?  (Now) Can I send some back?

3) Who do you want to marry? (8th) Jeff S. not a word from anyone! (Now) A handy man

4) What is your favorite color? (8th) purple (Now) Anything that doesn't make me look fat

5) Who do you tell your secrets to? (8th) Susie H.  (Now) My dog Spud. He won't rat me out!

6) What do you want to be when you grow up? (8th) A writer  (Now) Employed is nice!

7) Who is your favorite actor? (8th) John Travolta  (Now) Johnny Depp...and he's not bad to look at either

8) What is your favorite song (8th) Are you ready for this? Handy Man by James Taylor! See....even then I knew what I wanted in a man! (Now) Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean

9) Have you ever been kissed (8th) No (Now) Well duh! Just not in the last decade!

10) Where will you live when you grow up? (8th) New York City (Now) The same place I lived in the 8th grade! Ironic....isn't it?

So there you have it folks....a glimpse of me now and X# of years ago! It is not exactly a story...but in a way it tells a story. Oh to be young and have all those far off years left ahead of me again to dream, to build, to change. But no...I wouldn't go back and I wouldn't change a thing.....even if I could. For the most part, I like my life and me....just the way things are. So maybe next Wednesday .....I will reveal a little more. Until then....have a truly Wonderful Wednesday and just remember....only two more days until the weekend!


littlemdl said...

I can't imagine your life any other way because then you wouldn't be the person you are today! Look at the joy your kids have brought and the sorrow that has made you so much stronger. Days when you didn't think you could take one more thing and then one of the boys made you laugh. All in all your life have been tough but you are the amazing, loving, kind, caring, and wonderful woman you are because of it! I'm glad you don't live in New York cuz I wouldn't have had the pleasure to get to know you!

Marni said...

Heheheheheh....#3 made me almost spit my coffee out!!!!
This is great. It just shows how we were...shall I say innocent when we were younger....yeah lets go with that...and we just see life in such a simplier way. You are amazing just the way you are my friend!
THanks Lisa!!