Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craving the Genghis

You would be very easy to go with a list a mile lone of "dislikes" life has been full of them lately. Not so much for me (well some for me....but that is another story) but for several people around me. Let me just say right here and now.....DISLIKE! DISLIKE! DISLIKE! But even with all of that, I think I will go with a "like" today.

A couple of weeks ago, Z and I had a rare day out....just he and I. When we have days like that, one of our favorite things to do is try new restaurants, so we decided to go to Genghis Grill. I had been there one other time a year or so ago and liked it, so I wanted to see what Z's opinion was. He didn't just like it.....he loved it. Our outing that day was a success. I am not going to say that the reason was solely because of the food.....but it sure didn't hurt. And since that day....I have been craving Genghis Grill. I have been trying to think of a legit reason to go back. So far I have been unsuccessful. Yes....I need a reason to go out to eat as our budget requires more than just a "I am hungry for that kind of food" reason to go out. I need an occasion and so far I got nothin'!

Why do I like Genghis Grill so much? Well, first of all I love stir fry and I like all the veggies, chicken, beef and seafood that are offered on the GG bar. Second....I like the ambiance (very upbeat and lively) and finally I love the way you yourself put your meal together and then take it to the grill chefs to be cooked. If you are scratching your head and wondering what I am talking about, then you undoubtedly have not been to one of the new Asian type restaurants where everything is prepared on a grill right before your eyes. It takes buffet to a whole new level.

When you walk into GG you are seated and then asked if you have been there before. If you have then you already know how it works, if not....the waitress gives you a tutorial on how to proceed and takes your drink order. You are given a fairly large bowl and then directed to the buffet/raw food bar line. First you choose your meat. There is beef, chicken and various forms of seafood (including but not limited to calamari, shrimp and scallops). After you have added your meat to your bowl, you then move to the veggies. They have everything from mushrooms to green beans and bean sprouts to cabbage. You then move onto sauces. You have many to choose from and you can mix and match them as you add them to your bow. By this time your bow is about to overflow. You then proceed to the grill where you hand them your bowl and they give you a number and ask if you would like one of a variety of rices with you meal or noodles. You then go sit down with your number and your food is brought to you by the waitress when done. It usually only takes 5-10 minutes (depending on the number of people in front of you, but the grill is large enough that it can cook about 8-10 bowls at a time.) If you really want to be is also fun to stand to the side and watch the grill chefs work their magic on your food combinations. They work very quickly and very methodically preparing your dish so that it is served to you.....literally fresh off the grill.

I have to say that honestly the sauces make the food. They have everything from a mild sweet chili sauce, to a hot Thai sauce. They have something that would please almost any taste bud. And for those who think they might not know what they want or know what foods might compliment other.....they have cards to help you out. They tell you how to make certain bowls and what sauces go together. It takes all of the fear and monetary stress of worrying that you will pay for something you can't actually eat out of the picture and gives you a pleasant and tasty eating experience.

For lunch time, it is not an expensive choice. Z and I both ate and had something to drink and it was under $20. Now I have never gone in the evening so I don't really know if they raise their prices for dinner, but as lunch was quite economical. So as I was saying....I am craving GG and like it or not, I am going to have to think of an occasion to go back. If you haven't tried it...I highly recommend it. If you have.....I would love to hear your opinions and comments. you know just one more thing that Lisa likes. I am sure you are thrilled right down to your toes. Lisa also likes that she is off for the next two all is good in Lisaland. Here is hoping that all is good in your neck of the woods. Happy Thursday everyone!


Jill said...

Can't believe "anonymous" hasn't come on yet and said how it hates the Genghis Grill (yes, I said "it").

Anita said...

GG really appeals to teens, it's one of my Zakks favorite places too. Hope you get to go back soon (you deserve it).