Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Spiritual Side of Me

Well we have come full circle this week both life wise and blog wise. Today is the last day of week one of the themed blog days. I have to say, the comments have been through the roof (both good and not so good) but it means people are reading and a writer likes nothing more than to know her/his stuff is being read even if my dating life or lack there of seems to rile some of my readers.  All I can say is Thank You for taking the time out of your busy day to spend it reading my blog. I truly am honored.

Life wise, my life has been all over the place this week. We have had seizures and falls, bumps and scrapes and an unexpected vacation thrown into the mix. We made a second attempt to get Z's license and still didn't have the right stuff. A copy of his birth certificate is not enough. It has to be a certified copy from the state. Lord give me the strength not to jump over the counter and strangle someone on our next visit there. The third time better be the charm! I have reconnected with old friends (having lunch with one tomorrow) and washed that gray right out of my hair (for the next 4-6 weeks anyway). It has been busy and interesting and other than the scrapes and bumps....pretty much drama free. What a wonderful week it was. 

Today....I actually made it to church. It did my heart and mind, not to mention my soul.....good. I know that church does not equal being a Christian, but for is a big part of my Christianity. It is a place where I feel both close to God and to what is in my own heart. No other place gives me the peace that sitting in church does. In fact....I have been known to just go sit in the empty church during the week just to settle things inside myself. While I know God is always around me, nowhere do I feel closer to Him than inside His own house.  It is nice too, because Father  is back and by all accounts fully recovered from his recent surgery. His gentle and quiet way of speaking helps to create the peace I need in church and his sermons never fail to get a point across. Today....yet again....he must have been directing his sermon at me as he spoke of keeping your eyes on the prize (God) and having faith. When we lose sight of the prize and in turn lose our faith.....then we can literally drown in our own uncertainty and disillusionment. But when we focus our faith on God and His will and what He knows is best for us.....He will never let us down. Thoughts I would do well to remember.....especially in light of the last couple of weeks.

Along these same lines....yesterday a friend on facebook posted a question that went something like....When you wake up in the morning and talk to you tell him what you want from Him or ask Him what He wants from you? Ouch! You can well imagine which way it goes in my life. Thinking I am queen of all that is in my universe....I am sure my desire to control spills over into my conversations with God....just like it does with my conversations with anyone else. Why God has not smited me for my less than generous attitude in this world is beyond me. Perhaps is time to let God guide me instead of me trying to guide Him. After all...I am sure He knows just a bit more than I do.

So by now......I guess you have figured that Sunday is The Spiritual Side of Me! Yeah...I tweaked the original name a bit cause you know...I like to make everything about ME! Yes...even my spirituality. And today....I did ask God what He wanted from me. While I have gotten no definite answer yet....I am thinking it might be to sit back, behave and quit "offending" people in my blog. Of course that is just a guess...but I am sure before the day is out, I will have heard something....loud and clear.

Guess it is time to get this day started. Hope today leaves you happy, joyful and very much at peace. Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

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Marni said...

Thank you Lisa. Today you blog gave me reason to pause and think of some things in my own life. Pausing is a good thing I believe. To each their own Faith and where they choose to practice it. Whether it's in church, laying in bed at night or just driving alone inthe car. It's always good to have that connection with Him.